Pink Lamps- Yay or Nay?

Can we talk about lamps for a minute?

Because I’m a little obsessed with lamps. I kind of think of them as the jewellery in a room. I love lamps and jewellery. But I’m not very good with either.

I can barely get dressed let alone accessorize myself. And jewellery is expensive. The two nice pieces I bought myself in Manhattan a few years ago (pre-boys) have been left behind in hotels. Good thing I don’t buy expensive jewellery very often.

My pretty key necklace (remember those?)….. lost in Kentucky somewhere.




Good thing mine wasn’t from Tiffany’s. I got mine in Chinatown, thanks very much.

And then I lost my fake wedding rings in Florida last spring. Again. Fake. And I only wear them when I’m travelling solo with the boys. It makes me feel safer when we stop places and I can pretend the husband’s at the car or somewhere close by. Although I do sometimes chat up my fake husband while we’re driving across the country. He’s a great listener. I think this marriage is the one.

So. Lamps.

Lamps are the same for me. I like them a lot. I can barely afford them. At least I can’t afford the ones I really like. Like these ones from Horchow. Umm. $385.



So pretty. So out of my league.

As is this one, also from Horchow. Mine for a mere $195. Again. No.



You can see my struggle, no? And given the way we go through lamps in this house, that would be simply ridiculous. They’re not going to be left behind in a hotel or anything. I mean, I’ve been known to over pack but that would be absurd. But until the boys master the art of sitting, they’re not going to last long either.

We’re on our 4th lamp in Liam’s room. And on our 5th spray painted yellow lamp in the living room. It would probably help if the boys actually sat on a sofa rather than using to projectile themselves to other parts of the room. Or sat on bottoms instead of upside down with their feet in the air.

So when yet another yellow lamp bit the dust, I hit the thrift stores last week to find some big and heavy lamps for spray painting. Key words. Big and heavy. I’m hopeful that they’ll be less likely to topple. I struck the lamp lottery in the first store when I found these.



Huge. Solid. $10. True story.

And an easy DIY with some spray paint. Popped some shades on them and sat back to take a look.

Here’s something new and crazy. I think I kind of like them the way they are. I know!! So not like me.



Actually, I was pretty sure that they were a groovy kind of swell until my daughter came over and laughed at me. And so did my friend. Hmmm. Maybe I’m not getting it.

Yes, they are a late sixties kind of funky. With brassy bottoms and a night light that shines through the pink and white. Another true story. But it’s not like I’m going to use that feature. Geez. I’m not a total ding dong. Right now my visitors are split down the middle between laughing at them or loving them.

I’m turning this one over to you. Let loose my readers. Yay or nay on the lamps?



And one more question….Someone suggested painting the bottoms a more modern gold or a white to drag them into this century.





Paint all the things? Ok. That’s more than two questions. Thoughts?

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  1. Ok, I may be in the minority, but I kinda dig them. They are unique. The pink wouldn’t go with my decor, but it looks good in yours. My vote, leave them for now. It they last and you want a change I would paint the glass a light turquoise blue and the bottom a fresh gold.

  2. I like them too (but I’m a big fan of pink to start)! They’d have to be in the right setting but it sounds like you may have just the spot in mind. I would probably paint the base though but that could just be because I’m not a big fan of gold. I can’t wait to see what you decide to do! Thanks so much for sharing at Share The Wealth Sunday!

  3. Is it too late to weigh in on this? I want to like them, because as much as makeing over is fun, sometimes we need the path of least resistance in our lives. And as an internet friend I want that for you. But I guess I really think you at least need to spray the bottoms a better gold and see if you can make the pink + gold trend work for you. If not you may have to tackle the whole enchilada. Either way, the size and shape are great! Good thrifting!

    • It’s never too late and I value your opinion! I totally agree about the brass part for sure, still pondering the pink and gold and white swirls

  4. Very pretty – I kind of like them like they are but I know whatever you decide they will be beautiful in your space. Thank you for sharing at Share It One More Time. Cathy

  5. I think the lamps are cool! The colors work together and it gives the lamp a unique look. Unique is good! Thanks for sharing with us at Merry Monday.

  6. Great score with the lamps- I really do like them and definitely would have purchased them myself. I do agree with some of the others about painting the base – and then they will look just fine .

  7. I’m really late to the lamp party but I hope you didn’t paint over the pink swirls – because I love pink and swirls and I really like the lamp bases (and I think the night light idea is fun too) I think I must be a dag but I’d snap them up for $10 any day 🙂

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