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My little guys both have July birthdays and their birthdays are 10 days apart, so coming up with individual ideas can be a challenge. This year I was really drawing a blank until I popped into Toys R Us for some gift ideas and saw Minions everywhere. Right. The movie had just come out. Light bulb!!




I had great intentions of doing two kinds of cupcakes for separate birthday days and a cake for their party but two things happened. I was exhausted and Aiden didn’t want purple cupcakes. They just wanted plain old Minion cupcakes. After arguing a bit, I realized that I was being a control freak and embraced the easy way out of having only one version of cupcakes. Because simple is the bomb.

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On to the cupcake making. To be fair, I didn’t really know what I was doing which resulted in me digging out the Minion toys and the movie case to figure things out. I was pretty sure I was going to do some elaborate fondant creation to make the minions when I saw all sorts of twinkie versions on Pinterest. Another light bulb! Re-inventing the wheel is just dumb sometimes.


Blue food coloring (I like the gel kind)
Black Gel Icing
Candy Eyes
Chocolate Sprinkles
Twinkies (Mmmmmm, Twinkies!!)


Bake and cool cupcakes (Home made or boxed, kids aren’t picky!)

Frost with blue frosting. I prefer the gel to color the icing but keep in mind it stains everything. My fingers looked like smurf hands for at least a day.


Cut the Twinkies in half and “glue” the candy eye or eyes to Twinkie with black frosting.


Pipe black gel around the sides from the eyes to create the goggle band. And then pipe on a little Minion smile.
Poke the chocolate sprinkles in the twinkies or pipe on some black gel to create hair.  Then just stick those little guys right into the frosting. Done!

Pour a glass of wine and pat self on the back for being the cool Mom. Skip the wine if you did this in the morning. Or don’t. We’re not judgy.



Then go ahead and hide those leftover twinkies from the kids. In your room. Under your bed. Because you’re a good mother and you worry about the amount of sugar in the children’s diet and all. 😉

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