Update Throw Pillows With Paint


I could spend a fortune on throw pillows. And sometimes I do cough up a bit of extra money for something I really, really like. A couple of years ago, when chevron was all the rage and I was into grey and yellow, I bought these little cuties on Etsy. I bought two and with shipping to Canada they came to around $64 for both. Not a total steal but I really loved them. At the time.




And then, as usual, I got tired of my color scheme and started falling hard for the whole navy and pink thing. I think it started with the powder room makeover that I finished up last winter. I loved it so much, that I started adding more navy and pink all over the place. Which made my throw pillows look kind of dated and out of place.

Another Etsy search revealed that I have ridiculously expensive taste since I couldn’t find anything I liked for under $70. With shipping I was looking at $177 for two pillows! That’s not counting the 30% exchange rate either. Ummm, no.

Which is why I turned to my handy craft paints for the solution. It’s not like I haven’t painted a pillow in the past so I was pretty sure I could do it again. I mixed up some fabric medium (one part medium to two parts paint) with the paint to make sure it wouldn’t dry too stiffly. FYI, I’m pretty sure any paint would do.



I used a bright pink to paint over the yellow. Apologies…I didn’t think to take pictures until I was almost done. I was in the zone.



And navy to paint over the light blue.



Tedious? Sort of. But the boys were gone so I just spread out all over the place and had myself a Netflix marathon. One season of The House of Cards later and I’ve got some pillows that I’ve fallen in love with all over again.







I thought they’d be safe sitting out to dry because the boys were away for the weekend except this happened.



Daisy, our Lhasa Apso, managed to scratch at them until they fell over at which point she had herself a comfy nap. The paint wasn’t completely dry so now I have some smears on the cushions and a dog with pink and navy feet.



In case you didn’t know, Lhasa Apsos are the patron saints of disobedience.

But even with interference from our “delicate flower of the south”, it’s still a pretty swanky update for zero dollars.



I’m not completely sure that I’m finished with these. I have the urge to add a stripe of emerald green or gold somewhere in the middle.

If you’re looking to try your hand at making some throw pillows, here’s my favorite site where you can learn to do just about anything.

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  1. Such a great idea. Just this morning I’ve done something similar on a canvas to make it fit our new colour scheme, just painting ove the bits that don’t go any more. I didn’t think about fabric paint for cushions too – brilliant!

  2. I love how you transformed this. Great idea. I have been looking for some new pillows and can’t find quite the right thing. Maybe this would work! Thanks for sharing. Visiting from Wow us Wednesday!

  3. I cannot believe the transformation, they look totally different, from warm to cool, they seem so much lighter without the gold/yellow! I love them, can’t wait to see the entertainment center and if you add the emerald to the pillows. BTW, you will love the puppy signature, you will have it forever, and what a great conversation piece!!

  4. I love these. What a great alternative to buying new, expensive pillows. They look lovely just as they are, but an emerald green would add more pop to them. Thanks for sharing on Snickerdoodle Sunday.

  5. I’m dropping by from the link party at Party in Your Pjs. This is such an amazing idea.. I would never have though to paint a pillow. Sorry that your dog smeared the paint a little bit. The pillows turned out beautiful!

    I have a link party that I am trying to grow. I invite you to share this idea (and a couple of others) at my Grandma Ideas Sharing Time link party. (By the way, you look TOO young to be a grandma!) My link party is at http://grandmaideas.com. It runs from Wednesday to Friday night at midnight Mountain Daylight time.

    I know time is short before this week’s party closes. If you aren’t able to make it this week, you could drop by next week’s party. I hope to see you there!

    All the best,

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