Inspired by You- Weekend Features #11

I can’t believe it’s time for another best of the bloggers weekend features!

Maybe you noticed the hot mess I’ve made of the blog? I finally took the plunge and moved from Blogger to WordPress. I’m still on the fence about this decision since the migration was less than smooth and most of my old posts (all 151 of them!) are missing photos or have lost the links. I’m slowly working my way through them one at a time to try to get them back to the way they were. So painful! I also lost my font and a lot of the formatting that I had just updated in June. And I have no idea how to work anything. So bear with us while I figure stuff out. This is the first post I’ve written since the migration and it’s taken me at least 4 times as long. I seem to keep deleting photos after I’ve added them every time I start a new paragraph. I actually managed to accidentally publish it on Friday night well before it was finished which resulted in me deleting the whole thing and starting over. Not happy.


We had a crazy busy week on top of all the blog drama, too. We had so many appointments this week with the boys that I feel like the week has whipped on by.  Liam had an EEG, the social worker was out to check in, and Aiden had his second dentist appointment. The dentist said he needs to lose his “Susan” (pacifier). Yes, he calls it Susan. No, I don’t know why but it’s hilarious. As in “Me just go see Susan 1 minute. Me love Susan so so much.” Cute, right? Now picture it with a lisp. Even cuter.


On other fronts, I finally shared the minion cupcakes tutorial for the boys 3rd and 4th birthday party.




And I also had some time to paint some pillows rather than replacing them. Because I’m cheap like that. I mean “thrifty’.


update pillows mine


Comfy? Got yourself something to sip on? Good. Let’s take a look at this weeks features.


Week 11


Gina at Kleinworth & Co shared her easy Caramel Apple Pie Filling recipe. And there’s a link on the same page to a great crust recipe as well.


caramel apple pie filling
Kleinworth & Co


Maryanne from Domestically Speaking shared this easy Frozen Lemon Bars idea. No baking and made in the microwave!


Domestically Speaking


Jenn at The Rebel Chick whipped up some Smores Muddy Buddies. Oh, smores. Will I ever get tired of you?


The Rebel Chick
The Rebel Chick


Deb at Cooking on the Front Burners took salad to a whole new level by adding cherries and quinoa to her Arugula Quinoa Salad. There’s fig preserves in the dressing and everything. I would eat that. Just saying.



Fresh Cherry Argula Salad with Lemon Honey Vinaigrette
Cooking on the Front Burner


Lolli at Better in Bulk made ice cream sandwiches with Rice Krispie treats. I could lick the screen everytime I look at these photos.


rice krispie treat ice cream sandwiches
Better In Bulk


Jac, one half of the dynamic due over at Champagne DIY took DIY on when she made a pineapple phone case. I so wish I could find a clear phone case for my Sony xperia! I’d love to make one of these!


Pineapple phone case
Champagne DIY


Y’all know I love a furniture makeover so get an eyeball at this beauty from Wendi at H2O Bungalow! Paint, frosted glass, and birds…it’s got it all.


Bath storage cabinet
H2O Bungalow


Paula from Virginia Sweet Pea also did an amazing furniture flip with this pretty desk and chair.


Virginia Sweet Pea
Virginia Sweet Pea


I’m loving the bright colors in this lamp makeover from Mila at Mila’s Little Things.


Mila's Little Things
Mila’s Little Things


I love how Julie from Love It, Learn It, Make it recovered a chair in vinyl table cloth. Could this be any cuter?


vinyl chair


Don’t forget to visit each talented blogger and pin from the original site. Have a great week!


xo xo Jenna



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  1. Such a nice surprise to see your linkback on my bath storage cabinet makeover! Thanks so much for the feature! Hang in there with the WordPress migration, it will get easier and then you’ll love WordPress and all the functionality it brings! Once you get past the little learning curve you’ll never look back…promise! Have a great week.. OX – Wendi

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