DIY Gold Striped Vase

Spray paint is the bomb! It’s a fast and easy way to make a quick change to just about anything. Like these white vases.


White vase DIY gold striped vase before


I bought two of these vases a couple of months ago from a grocery store when they were on sale for $5 each. And they looked pretty cute holding my pink flowers. For awhile.


white vase with pink flowers


Until today when I decided I needed some gold stripes in my life. You know how that goes. You’re just sitting around, minding your own business, looking at a vase or two when it hits you. That vase is naked! It needs gold stripes. Bam. Just like that.

I grabbed one of the vases and took it out to the garage. I wiped it off with some rubbing alcohol to make sure the paint would adhere before wrapping painter’s tape around the bottom to start making stripes. Using the width of the tape to determine how far apart to paint the stripes, I just sort of eye-balled it before adding the next strip.


white vase taped off



Once the tape was in place, I sprayed it with primer to give the paint something to adhere to. The primer took less than two minutes to dry at which point I picked out a gold spray paint from my collection. Yes. I have a collection. Today, I used Krylon’s 18kt Gold Spray Paint because it was closest to the shade I was hoping to achieve.


krylon 18kt spray paint



It only took one coat (seriously!) and we had an adorable new vase.


Gold striped vase after


Love it! Can’t stop looking at it! I might actually have to paint the second one…I like it that much!


DIY gold striped vase



Striped vase 1 6228



Striped vase Cover




Striped vase 1 6228


Do you ever just get the urge to spray paint stuff? Or spray paint all the things? Me, too 🙂


Pinterest photo


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  1. Yes, been thinking about spray painting myself ….. But my project I have in mind are my old coral fences. They are kinda tired and rusted needing a new Red. I’m sure my horse will appreciate my decorating the pasture for him. (Smile)

    • That’s my master bedroom with the gold dot walls. Sometimes being single pays off since no one has a say in how I decorate 😉 I think pink and gold were made for each other. Thanks for stopping by, Nikki!

  2. Really sweet. I need to try this. It’s amazing what a lil gold spray paint can do 🙂 Truly an adorable transformation. I think gold gets such a bad reputation. It’s perfection. I think I would like to try chevron or maybe just triangles around – like a geometric design. UGH so much fun!! Ha!!

    • Thanks, Marie! It’s surprising to realize how many shades of gold there actually are. I only figured it all out by testing a bunch of different shades on a piece of wood.

  3. I love how simply and beautiful this is. I think metallic spray paints have become my new favorites. I used silver to paint mason jars recently and loved the results. You vase with the gold is stunning!

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