August 2015 Highlights

August 2015- 24 Cottonwood Lane Projects and Recipes


What? Just what? How can it be September? Where in the living heck did this summer go?

We were crazy busy this summer or at least it seemed that way at the time. Here’s what went down…..

Birthdays– Mine. I turned 47. That sounds really old. Except in maturity years, I really feel like I’m about 35. Why 35? It was around that time that my…. ummm…..backbone grew in. Up until that point, I was kind of out there but still kind of worried about whether or not people liked me. But at 35, I just kind of stopped worrying about other people. At 47, I just tell it like it is. Suck it up, Buttercup. Because you can’t pay the bills with other people’s opinions.


fear of what people think


Number of professional appointments for the boys– 9 (That includes dentists x 2, visits to new pre-school, social worker visits, and one EEG for our biggest little guy who treated it like a party.


August in review 24 Cottonwood Lane EEG


Aiden dentist age 3


Number of times we made it to the trailer– A big fat zero. The boys were kind of awful behavior wise (#FASD) and I wasn’t about to inflict the whole living in a tin can thing on any of us. Or any of our trailer camp neighbors.  Also it rained. A lot. Every freakin’ weekend.


r2015 Summer in Canada


We had a whole ton of projects going on along with our regular Sunday Features and here’s what we shared last month…..


24 Cottonwood Lane Projects Augsut 2105


I started out August by sharing our favorite summer salads and I’m still eating my way through this list. If summer had a taste it would be fresh ripe tomatoes and juicy watermelon.


15 of the best summer salads


I finally shared the story of our upcoming move and country cottage renovation and some great wall art ideas to fill in the blank spaces while we wait for our move. And we continue to wait.


Hummingbird print. Click through to see the full collection of wall art ideas


We started pulling together our playroom and I shared my list of playroom must haves.


Top 10 Playroom Must Haves


These lamps got a whole lot of feedback. It’s official. We’re painting out the bottoms and living with the swirly retro pink for a little while longer.


Pink vintage retro lamp



The boys had their 3rd and 4th birthday party at the beginning of the month and we served up some adorable Minion Cupcakes! Huge hit. So huge, we let the kids eat the cupcakes before we got dinner served.



Minion Cupcakes with an easy to follow tutorial


And finally, I shared my painted throw pillows. They’re not quite finished and I’ll be sharing an update to the update soon enough.


Update throw pillows with paint

I know it’s September and everyone is all pumpkin everything but I live in Canada where we need to hang on to summer until it officially ends on September 21. Fall? I just can’t. At least not today when it’s all gorgeous and 90 degrees. Who’s with me?

New Home Must-Haves

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