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24 Cottonwood Lane- September 2015 in Review


I don’t think fall got the memo that I wasn’t interested in giving up summer. Fall arrived here with a bang on Thursday and I’m cold and cranky. Also, I have no idea where September went. We had an interesting month since it was actually hot and sunny until Thursday morning when I woke up, slipped on my flip-flops and nearly got frost bite driving the boys to pre-school. Note to self…find fall clothes and shoes. Soon.

Since it was warm for most of the month, we actually managed to get to the trailer over the Labor Day weekend. Total fail! I blame the dog. She is clearly a city dog because she acted like an idiot from the time we left until we got home. While I was grabbing groceries, she managed to tear through the garbage and I came home to pick her up to half eaten garbage (and diapers!) all over the foyer. Disgusting. Once we got to the trailer she wandered off until a neighbor found her licking sauce and grease out of their bbq drip can. Double disgusting. I brushed her teeth for the second time that afternoon, washed her face and confined her to the trailer. Where she managed to tear into the ham I had wrapped up on the counter. All this chaos went on within the first half hour after arriving. Just to top things off, she threw up on the floor. Stay classy, Daisy.


Ridiculous lhasa apso


But wait….it got better. After she snored and licked herself for two nights on my bed (which is why she now wears those ridiculous baby jammies! And why she normally sleeps in her crate.) Daisy woke me at 6am, determined to use the bathroom. Since she usually goes out, does her business and comes back in, I didn’t put her leash on. I’m an idiot. Because she promptly took off across the trailer park, tail wagging happily behind her. I was wearing a t-shirt and underwear. That’s it. I managed to throw on some pants and chased her quietly around (because no one likes to be woken up by another camper screaming at a dog at 6am) until I caught her and plopped her back in the trailer. Where she threw up again.  And when she wasn’t tearing the place apart she was barking at and chasing the boys up and down the length of the trailer. Because their noise is cause for her to become concerned and try to herd them. #lhasa apso  #patronsaintofdisobedience


Daisy. The most ridiculous lhasa apso


Aside from our fun camping weekend, it was a busy blog month. Probably the busiest I’ve ever had, actually. And that’s pretty cool.

We ran our first giveaway in September and Jazmin W. was the winner of our HomeRight Paint Sprayer! Yay! I didn’t know how much fun giveaways could be. That’s definitely something we’ll be doing again. And I’ve joined forces with four other bloggers to host the Best of the Weekend Link Party every Friday night. I’ve been wanting to do a link party forever and I was so excited to be added to the list of hosts.

Here are a few other things we got up to last month in case you missed anything.

We started September off right with this 5 minute spray painted vase. That had to be my most impulsive and easiest project ever. Love me some gold spray paint.

Striped vase 1 6228


Still so in love with my HomeRight Paint Sprayer which I used to makeover this dresser for a client. I also shared some tips and tricks for using a paint sprayer and we held our first giveaway. Thanks, HomeRight!

Grey and white mid-century modern dresser makeover


We made glammed up some pumpkins with spray paint and mod podge. Well, we actually did that 3 years ago but I posted it last month. Because procrastination, that’s why.

DIY Halloween pumpkins with spray paint and mod podge.


I shared 15 Slowcooker Dinners for Fall. And, more importantly, I’ve actually made two of them so far! Both were delicious!

15 Fall Slow Cooker Dinners


A few days later, I did my first guest post for Jessi at Practically Functional where I shared this recipe for Chicken Pasta Bake. It was a winner with the boys and it’s chock full of hidden veggies.

Chicken pasta bake title pic


We whipped up some Lemon Blueberry Greek Yogurt Muffins.

Lemon Blueberry Greek Yogurt Muffins


I shared a few details about my boys who have FASD and what it’s actually like to live with this disorder on a daily basis. Cute? Totally. Easy? Not so much. Still better behaved than a dog in a camper, though. 😉

fASD- Symptoms and Traits in Preschoolers
FASD Part 2. Daily Life


We had our 3rd Blogiversary! I’m still a bit surprised that it’s been 3 years of blogging. I never thought I’d still be at it and liking it so much.
Find thousands of craft supplies online!

And finally, I was able to share 16 Yummy Pumpkin Recipes all linked up by our party goers at the first Best of the Weekend Party for the fall season.

16 Fall Pumpkin Recipes


And in case you haven’t heard the news, my bloggy friend, Jenna  from Rain on a Tin Roof (whom I like to refer to as “Younger Jenna”), published her first book! I was thrilled to be asked to review it and I loved it from the very first page. Younger Jenna is amaze-balls and her book, Standing Out, is the bomb. I actually forgot that I was reviewing and started taking notes. It’s that dang good! Go get yourself a copy and start making notes! Seriously. Why are you still here? We can chat later. Go.

Standing Out 3


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  1. Oh my gosh, I can’t help but laugh at your dog story! I’m sure it was frustrating, but it’s kind of funny to picture! Poor Daisy. I hope your October is off to a great start. Thanks for sharing at #SmallVictoriesSundayLinkup!

    • Daisy is a sweet girl most of the time but when she gets in her head that she doesn’t want to do something, she makes a huge scene. Like camping lol

  2. You had me absolutely rolling over your camping story!!! Being dog lovers ourselves, we have plenty of similar stories about our beloved Rat Terrier, Arianna. Lhasa’s are notoriously stubborn, opinionated, and difficult all around, but they can be as sweet a honey too! (My mom had one for years and despite the fact that she fed it, walked it, played with it, etc, I would snap at her at any moment with or without provocation!!! When the grandkids started coming, she decided to re-home that little monster for fear of one of the babies getting bit!) Anyway, just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the camping vs dog story!!!

    • Lhasas are so interesting…sweet but difficult. I’ve always said, the next time we get a dog, it will be a “dumber” breed. She always outsmarts me, lol. Just as an aside, she was awful when the boys came along and stayed with a friend off and on for the first year or so. Daisy was so insulted that I had two more babies and never misses an opportunity to bark at and chase them and yet, she seems to love them as well. Thanks so much for visiting and taking the time to share your doggie stories 🙂

      • “Next time” I would suggest getting a Rat Terrier. They are smart as whips, but loyal to a fault. With two high energy boys, it will be the best type dog as they love to romp and play, and will protect them with everything in their little bodies!!! I’ve had nothing but RT’s for the past 20+ yrs, and though I love all dogs, I won’t ever have any other breed, as I’ve fallen so in love with this one. RT’s range in size from “Tom Thumb” (3-5 lbs) to Decker (20-35 lbs.) They are energetic, and “feisty”, but extremely trainable, as they will do anything for your pleasure. During my 20+ yr experience, I’ve bred, trained, and been privileged to love 6 of these wonderful animals, and aside from STRONGLY suggesting that you steer clear of the males (just because I was never completely successful “potty training” the two males I had) I’ve never been disappointed. They are long lived dogs, The earliest I ever had one cross the Rainbow Bridge was at 9 yrs – due to her getting into chicken bones and them splintering and puncturing her gut. The others all lived into their mid “teens” (the last of my original litter of pups died just this year in mid June. He was born in Dec. 97.)

        • Daisy is our first dog and at 12 she’s still our baby. Our neighbor had a Rat Terrier and he was a very smart and energetic little guy. I will always have female dogs, just a personal preference but Rat Terriers and Shih Tzus are on my list as well as Cavalier Spaniels. I know I can only parent a dog that I can pick up when I need to discipline…therefore no big dogs for this gal. Dogs are the best 🙂

    • I don’t know where you live but summer appears to be back again in Southern Ontario. We start out with the heat on and by midday we’ve got the air conditioner running again. Thanks for visiting.

  3. Wow…this post contains so many awesome things but I think I love your adorable dog most of all! Love the painted pumpkins, dresser and recipes too! Thanks so much for sharing at Share The Wealth Sunday!

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