Glam Painted Pumpkins

Fall is kind of a struggle for me. I love to change thing up to reflect the seasons but I loathe fall colors. It’s probably a side effect of being a child in the seventies. Anything brown or orange gives me an earth tone hangover. Ick. I’ve tried adding purples and doing neutrals. Those were okay but this year I finally gave up the struggle to fit in and decided to decorate for fall in a way that reflected colors that I actually like. That’s right….pink, grey, navy, and gold glitter. Screw you, fall. You’re not the boss of me.


Glam painted pumpkins. Pink, navy, gold, and grey.

Let’s start with this big guy. He got a coat of Dior Grey since I have tons of it leftover from our front foyer and my grey and white dresser makeover.


Glam painted pumpkin. Dior Grey


Once big grey was dry, I spray painted some tacks gold and added the lettering. Because “boo” is cool and tacks are cool and grey and gold are too groovy not to hang out together.


Gold spray painted tacks.


Dior Grey Pumpkin with gold tacks. Glam painted pumpkins from 24 Cottonwood Lane


And then along came the navy pumpkin(s). Because “Me wuv navy so so much” as Aiden would say in his charming three year old lisp. And because navy hearts gold, my navy pumpkins got some gold dots (stickers!), gold stems, and sassy little gold bows.


Navy painted pumpkin with gold dots


Navy pumpkins with gold stems.


Oh, and let’s not forget this glam pumpkin from a couple of years ago. She was cream with black glittery dots. Now she’s white with pretty pink dots. Just because. That was an easy up-cycle with some white and pink craft paint…I just went over the original design with the pink paint and cuteness was re-born.

Glam white pumpkin with pink swirly dots


And if you’re going to glam up some pumpkins, there had better be something gold in there. Gold spray paint and pink polka dots took this mini pumpkin to the next level.


gold and pink dots


The rest of the pumpkins were given some navy or gray paint and are glamming up the dining table. All of the pumpkins have sexy gold glittery stems. Because nothing says fall like gold glitter. Actually, maybe I made that up but I don’t care.


Grey, navy, gold, and white pumpkin center piece



centerpiece 5


All together we have two large and two small real pumpkins and the rest are plastic or foam from Michael’s and the dollar store. Once they’d all been painted and glittered, there wasn’t a scrap of orange in sight. Because that’s how we roll…pumpkin style.


Glam painted pumpkins. Navy, pink, gold, and white.

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  1. This changes my opinion of fall decor, totally! This I can get behind. Although other’s homes look great with pumpkins and scarecrows etc., it’s just not my thing! I love all of these, not sure which I love more!! I want them all. Have a happy Halloween season!! xx

    • It would be a lot easier to actually find some gold tacks instead of having to stick them and paint them. I’m on the hunt now since I want to put gold tacks in everything. Happy weekend!

  2. I love the colors you’ve used. I decided to use coastal colors for much of my fall decor this season and I love it. The deep colors of fall just aren’t my style, either. Pinned and Tweeted. Thanks for sharing at Snickerdoodle Sunday.

  3. Hey Jenna. Love these! Who’d think a Hot Pink Pumpkin could look so fab. Thanks for sharing at Five Star Frou-Frou this week. Love, Mimi xxx

  4. Hi Jenna! Thanks so much for submitting your Halloween posts to the Thriving on Thursdays linky parties. I’m featuring them in a Halloween round up post which goes live tomorrow. Thanks for your support.

    Anne @ Domesblissity

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