DIY Fall Wreath

DIY Pretty Fall Wreath. Click through to see the full tutorial


I like pretty things. And new things. And hot glue. But I also like to save money. So I completely hacked my summer wreath to make it into a fall wreath. Because I’m cheap that way. And just a little bit lazy. Here’s how the story goes…..

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I’ve had this wreath hanging on our door for the past three summers. Loved it. For three years. That’s a bit of a record for me.

Navy and Yellow Summer Wreath

I heart the way the way the yellow pops against the navy. But after three years of hanging out front the wreath was starting to look tired and faded. It was time for an update. Having painted all of our fall pumpkins in shades of pink, navy and gold this year, I decided to update this wreath for fall by keeping the navy polka dots and adding some bling to go with the pretty pumpkins.

Glam painted pumpkins. Navy, pink, gold, and white.

I pulled off the flip flops and letters and got to work adding a bow. The toothpick is to hold the pumpkin in place. Seriously. And yes, I usually hang wreaths from the kitchen cupboards while I work on them. Otherwise, they wind up lopsided. Because I’m talented like that.

DIY a fall wreath

Because I suck at bows, I always need something to cover the middle so you can’t see the hot glue globs and staples. True story.

DIY FAll Wreath

This time, I covered the mess with a grey flower. And not just because I was on a grey kick and it worked perfectly to tie in with the grey I’d used to paint the pumpkins. Because it was the only fabric flower I owned. Or could find.

I painted a little sign in our leftover Dior Grey (Benjamin Moore) paint. Seriously. I’ve used this color in the foyer, on pumpkins, on furniture. Like everywhere. Such a pretty grey. Once the paint was dry, I added some gold stickers to spell out “It’s fall y’all”.

Gold letter stickers

I originally tried to attach the sign to the wreath with ribbon but it was too wide so I simply hot glued it to the wreath. I thought it might come off in the wind but it’s still holding!

It's fall, y'all.

Once I added the gold bow cutout we had a new fall wreath.

DIY Fall Wreath

Cost? Free. Since it was a total hack from our summer wreath and the stickers, ribbons, and little plaque along with the pumpkins were in my craft stash. By craft stash, I mean rolling around on the floor of my basement. #keepingitreal

Summer to Fall Wreath Hack

Have you ever hacked or upcycled your own projects? Did you feel super smart? Cuz that’s totally how I’m feeling about this little wreath.

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  1. Love it Jenna! And who could go past a hot pink pumpkin! Thanks for sharing that one last week at Five Star Frou-Frou. Maybe this one is a candidate for this week? Hope all is well with the boys. Love, Mimi xxx

    • Thanks, Mimi! It’s Friday so I’m always a little frantic to get things wrapped up for the weekends when daycare is closed. I’ve been known to refer to weekends as “The Hostage Situation” lol. Hope yours is a good one.

      • I remember having my own Hostage Situation, so I hear you! Come link later in the week in you like. I always enjoy ‘seeing’ you. This one was a goody. I love black and white anything. So elegant. Thanks for sharing at Five Star Frou-Frou. Will you join me again when you can this week? Mimi xxx

    • I hear ya! I’m not a huge fan of my front door either….most of wreaths are photographed on the closet door in the foyer. Have a great weekend

  2. Understated but elegant. The gold pumpkin and letters set this wreath up for style. I like the simplicity, and I love the flip flops and flower on it for summer. Great ideas!

    • I had to retire those flip flops….they were decidedly on the floppy side after hanging out there for the last 3 summers. Thanks for visiting and sharing your comments!

  3. Do you want to come do my house too? I have the same colors, grey, blue, white, black. Our only difference, I am a brushed chrome, silver girl, but I think I can work around that! I loved the wreathe with the flip flops an with the pumpkin! I am no good at changing things around much for the season! Just for Christmas, then it’s all out there!!! LOL Can’t wait to see your Christmas decorations!

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