Design Changes Ahead

Hey everyone! I’m just popping in quickly today to share some technical stuff.

In August I made the transition from Blogger to WordPress. The company that did the transition for me (because I am tech ding dong) was great but it was not a seamless shift and I’ve lost control of my design and some of my content. I’ve been working my butt off trying to get the site customized and back to the way it was when I had it re-designed in June.

My tech challenged brain is worn out from trying to adjust the theme that was designed for Blogger and hasn’t transitioned so well to Wordpress. Like the dang sidebar widgets…half the time they don’t load or don’t work at all on the current theme. Not cool. I checked with a guy at Best Buy and he says it’s not because I eat my sesame seed bagel over the laptop. Good to know.


24 Cottonwood Lane -


And I’d like to make my head shot not so….out there. Jeez. So tired of seeing my face in live enormous technicolor on every single page. It’s a great pic and all (and not remotely accurate since it was taken before the boys were born…I don’t look that half that young or well-rested these days) but, still. Dial it back already. Working on it.

So hang with us over the next week while I try to re-design things. If things look wonky or different each time you pop in….Well, it’s me, not you. So stay with us while we adust the dials.

See you tomorrow night for the Best of the Weekend Party and Features. (Note to self…write that post already!)

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