DIY Pompom Garland

Two obsessions this year….pompoms and hoop art. Literally can’t stop. Today I’m all about the pompoms. If you haven’t tried making pompoms yet, what are you waiting for? They’re crazy easy and take no time at all. No fancy tools required. It’s just as easy and fast to use your own hand. Seriously….See how easy it to go from this…

Make a pompom garland.

to this….

DIY pompom garland. Click through for the easy tutorial. No tools required. Just yarn and scissors.



  • yarn
  • yarn needles
  • scissors


Start by wrapping the yarn around three fingers. Ignore the mess….I was on a crafting and sewing binge and I have my supplies everywhere. Obviously.

DIY pompom garland tutorial. No fancy tools required

I usually wrap it 50-60 times before sliding it off my fingers.

Slide the yarn off and lay it flat and then slip a piece of yarn underneath. Tie the yarn tightly around the middle.

tied off pompom

Take your scissors and cut the loops in half on either side.

cutting yarn

This is where it gets fun. Start trimming the pompom kind of like you’re giving it a haircut. Trim until it’s the size you want and the yarn is even all the way around. Now go and make 65 of these little sweeties. Turn on Netflix and start snipping.

Once you’ve got the number you need, take the yarn needle and start threading. Make sure the needle goes through the center or the pompoms can slide off. (True story).

DIY pompom garland tutorial


Hang your garland!

DIY pompom garland. Click through for the easy tutorial


DIY pompom garland. Click through for the full tutorial. No special tools required


DIY pompom garland . Click through for the easy tutorial. No special tool required.


Have you tried making pompoms yet? So much fun.


And for those of you who want to try out pom pom makers, grab em’ here!

UPDATE- For all of you who wanted to know where I got my deer head, it came from HomeSense in Canada. I found a similar one here.

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  1. Hi Jenna. What girl doesn’t like a pretty little pom pom. And they are easy to make. I love the colors you chose.
    Best wishes, Darlene (I have to PIN it)

  2. I’m obsessed with pom poms too right now but I’ve used only ones that I bought. I’m definitely going to try making some, your garland looks so cute!

  3. Jenna, I love this too. So much! Reminds me of the ornaments and decorations my mom used to have on the tree. Plus, I love that deer. Thanks again for sharing on the Sunday Blog Hop 🙂

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