Easy Handmade Christmas Coasters

Easy handmade Christmas coasters. Click through for the easy to follow tutorial. Makes a great gift for teachers or hostesses.

Earlier this week I shared some thoughts about what it means to make “easy” and “handmade” projects. In the interest of creating real posts for real readers, I decided to create whip up something that doesn’t require any fancy or expensive machinery or tools. These Christmas coasters really are easy and inexpensive and 100% handmade. They make a cute stocking stuffer and are a great hostess or teacher gift, as well.

Easy handmade Christmas coasters. No fancy tools required. Great teacher gifts.

Why are they easy? They require some craft paper, modpodge, scissors, and paint brush along with some thrift store  coasters.

Why are they cheap? Well, the coasters are pretty darn cheap when you get them from the dollar or thrift store. You can even use square tiles from hardware store. Check out our classy coasters from the thrift store before their fancy makeover.

before coasters

I skipped the Silhouette machine and grabbed some sharp scissors and cute craft paper that I picked up at Homesense. I actually bought 4 little booklets for $3.99 each because I’m addicted to pretty craft paper and couldn’t decide which one I liked best. #indecisive

christmas paper


Here’s the scoop on how to make these cute coasters. Affiliate links are added for your convenience.



  • For the square coasters, trace your coaster on the back of the paper and cut out the coaster shape. Trim a little extra to make sure the paper doesn’t extend past the edge of the coaster.
  • Apply Modpodge with a brush to the surface of the coaster and center the paper on top. Modpodge over the paper and set aside to dry.
  • I sanded these coasters just slightly to remove the brush marks and then sprayed them with a matte sealer to make sure they were waterproof. The sanding is completely optional, though, I’m just kind of neurotic that way.
  • For the round cork coasters I cut out different shapes from my craft paper. It takes some patience and a steady hand but that’s what “handmade” means, right?
  • Apply Modpodge to the center of the coaster and center the image on top. Modpodge over the cut out and the rest of the coaster. I added some white snowflake stamps around the cut outs just to up the cuteness factor.

Easy handmade Christmas cork coasters. Great as a teacher gift or for a hostess gift. Click through for the full tutorial.

Bam! Handmade Christmas coasters. Real life easy, real life handmade, and real life inexpensive. Sort of. Because as we know, craft supplies aren’t cheap but the coasters were around $1 for a set of 4 or 6. I’m liking that.

Easy handmade Christmas coasters make a great teacher gift. Click through for the full tutorial.

I made four different sets on a Saturday morning while the boys were bopping around me. They were super impressed…seriously. It was adorable how enthusiastic they were about my “work” as I called it.

Easy handmade Christmas coasters. Click through for the full tutorial. No special tools required

And just a note about those little snowflake stamps on the cork coasters. I didn’t actually have any white ink so I used one of my chalk markers. Actually, I didn’t have any ink at all because I didn’t realize I still had these stamps. Found them in my Christmas stash. Because I knew the chalk would run, I applied the “stamps” over top of the Modpodge and then sprayed with the sealer.

Handmade Christmas Coasters- Easy and Inexpensive tutorial included. No fancy machines required.

Four gifts down, 153 to go. 😉  Kidding. I think.



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  1. These are great. I’ve made coasters using tiles and recently bought some cheap paper ones from Party City with the intention of doing “something” with them. Now, I know what I’ll be doing. Thanks for the inspiration. Pinned and Tweeted. Thanks for partying with us.

  2. This is absolutely brilliant, Jenna! I love that you need any fancy materials to make them–scissors, Modge Podge will do and some chalk marker will do. Any of these would be absolutely perfect stocking stuffer or hostess gift. Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful piece with us on #SHINEbloghop. We’re so happy you were able to join us this week.

  3. These are really just adorable. And they really are handmade, no fancy machines. I also love to do this sort of thing. For Father’s day my girls and I made coasters using maps of their dad’s favorite visted places. He loved them so much he won’t let us use them.

  4. I hooked up with you on Bloglovin’ so I read you each day, I so hate replying on my phone, so I’m glad you’re here, I needed to leave a comment. I loved your post about putting together tutorials for real people, loved it! It seems as if we can get ahead of ourselves. Who are we blogging to? I love that you got that and ran with it, you are going to end up with a huge readership of people like me who want things that don’t take a ton of pieces and parts, or even ingredients! And I love these coaster, what a festive piece to add to your coffee table! Perfect hostess gift too. xx Jenna, happy holidays!!!

  5. Hi Jenna, happy Saturday. Such a simple, but very nice and useful gift to give. I love modge podge and all the great things you can do with it. And coasters are one of those things that are always so handy to have around. I have a $ store right around the corner and may have to make a call on it. Thanks for the inspiration.


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