2016 Project List- What’s Coming Up

How can you not be excited about a brand new year? Champagne to drink, resolutions to break….what’s not to love?

ny resolutions

I actually enjoy making a list of projects to complete throughout the year and looking back to see what we managed to check off our list. Last year was so difficult and full of upheaval and change that we didn’t complete much of anything. (You can read that gong show story here). Notice I didn’t say shit show? New resolution. Swear less.

Goals and Projects for 2016 from 24 Cottonwood Lane


I did manage to complete our main floor bathroom last year so I can scratch that one off of our list. Sort of.

Navy powder room gallery wall

Because that pretty gallery wall? Yah, it’s gone to live in Alabama without me because of the move that never happened. I thought I was so clever moving my favorite pieces and art down South. Now I have a semi-naked home and no good lamps. Add accessorizing to the list.

I also managed to finish Liam’s pirate room but since the boys are now sharing a room, we’ll need to do some tweaking in their as well.

Pirate bedroom on a budget


Without further ado, here are some of the projects we have planned for the next year that we’ll be sharing over the next 12 months.

First, y’all know I don’t take the best pictures so let’s start with learning that skill. I finally took the plunge and bought a DSLR camera but I have no idea how to work it. Even in auto mode, I still pretty much suck. Which is why one of my cook kids bought me an online photo course. I’m starting that later today! Hurray for daycare!

The playroom I started planning for has to be finished. It’s semi-functional but needs work. We need to complete the reading nook, add some storage, and dress up the walls.



I need to finish the master bedroom. I made great plans but, once again, I didn’t follow through. In fact, the room is worse than ever since I sold my furniture in anticipation of moving down south. So I’m kind of starting that one from scratch again. Because all I’ve got is a bed, a coral chandelier, and some navy end tables.

navy end table


Also, our foyer has been less than functional since I sold off the shelving unit was in there. I need to figure this one out since I have boys, it’s winter, and no one wants drippy muddy clothes in the coat closet.

I loved making over a thrift store table and chairs but it hasn’t worked in our new house at all. New. Ha. We’ve been here for almost 3 years. I’m going to be hunting down and finding something that works better in our space. I love these chairs by Lenny Kravitz but not the $600 price tag. Per chair. Ummm….no.

dining chair


I also need to make a small home office which will sit in my bedroom. Currently, I’m living and working on the sofa with files and binders all around me. So let’s add home office space to that list. Or even a workable desk would be fine. I think this desk would help me focus. Except it’s $3,095. I paid less than that for a car once. But I could definitely focus if there were polka dots. I’d probably tidier, too.

Kate Spade desk


Since we’re not going anywhere, I guess I could possibly spend some time fixing  up the backyard space. Right now it looks like Sanford & Sons with all the toys and play equipment. I’ve literally done nothing to make it pretty out there. Actually, I’m also thinking about finding a place in the country so we’ll see how things roll. And yes, that pool is lopsided. I ran into it with the lawnmower. If I could add a lawn boy to this list, I’d be delighted.



Speaking of outdoors, since we’re not moving, I’ve decided we’re not selling our glamper. Which means I can finish fixing it up, inside and out. Yay!

exterior of trailer

That baby is one of my favorite projects ever. I wish I loved camping as much as I love working on the camper. We’re definitely going to be looking for a different park. If I’m going to keep writing for a living, I need wifi and the current park doesn’t have that. Also, I need a park that doesn’t gouge me with expenses at the end of the season that weren’t in the contract. Just saying.

There’s a couple of other little projects like lighting switch ups, new window treatments and all that good stuff that I’ve been putting off to add to the pile. I also want to start writing about about blogging. I’m no expert but I’m a chronic researcher and have lots of ideas and sources to share.

So here’s the project list for 2016!

  • Finish master bedroom (ie start over)- dresser, art, lighting and accessories
  • Re-do foyer to make it functional
  • Re-do the dining area with new table, chairs, and lighting
  • Finish the playroom- add storage, decor, reading nook and art center
  • Home office space
  • Finish glamper renovation- master bedroom, bathroom, and outside. Also we had a leak so the bathroom floors need repair. Fun stuff.
  • Landscape back yard and make it more functional for grown ups
  • Figure out lighting in the living room
  • New media center (sold the last one!)
  • Recover those slipper chairs already since they were a project fail. And maybe sell them because they’re not terribly comfortable.
  • Tweak the boys bedroom to make it functional
  • Art for the powder room
  • Switch out kitchen lighting
  • Make a functional craft area in our unfinished basement. Because finding things is cool
  • Accessible and organized paint storage
  • Take better photos of all of these projects
  • Share blogging resources

I like resolutions that don’t involve putting down the wine or walking away from the cheese, don’t you?

Here’s to 2016 and our very lengthy to do list! Do you have ambitious plans for the coming year? Share them below and we can keep each other in check. Happy New Year!


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  1. You have a great eye for decor and design, it is inspiring to read about your goals for the new year, I could stand to take up a couple of similar projects, as I have completely neglected the look and feel of my apartment as I focused more on photography. Hopefully this year I can find a way to do both, and I will definitely be coming back to your site often for more design inspiration!

    • Thanks, Karina. Design is my favorite thing. I’m learning photography this year and neglecting my house a bit to figure out this whole camera thing.

  2. Making a list and putting it on your site is a great way to stay accountable! I also have a rather lengthy list, though if my husband sees it he might be less than thrilled, so I’m keeping it on the DL for right now! 😉

    • That’s exactly why I’m posting the list. Someone needs to hold me accountable since, clearly, it won’t be me. I’ll just be over here procrastinating some more.

  3. Wow! I will be in total awe if you check everything off your list. Great ideas and great inspiration. And I love that opening meme. Hilarious! Good luck!

    • I wish I could take credit for that playroom. It’s actually from my playroom article from last year. The picture is from poppytalk.com. I love it so much! I wish I had the talent to paint a mural like that.

    • I heart that table and I’m determined to DIY one. In fact, it’s already been sanded and is waiting patiently for a coat of primer. Thanks for stopping by, Melanie!

  4. I love coming here and seeing what you’re up to, obviously it’s a lot, on all fronts. I love that you think of your readers as well as your family when choosing projects, you have a fan here!!!! Happy New Year my friend!

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