15 Easter Basket Ideas For the Whole Family

Looking for some Easter basket ideas for all of those Easter eggs your kids are going to be gathering up in a few weeks? Sure, you can grab a couple of baskets from the dollar store and leave it at that. But why not take things up a notch with a unique DIY Easter basket that will make the family and the bunny smile? Here are 15 great ideas for the entire family.

15 Easter Basket Ideas for the Whole Family


These Minnie and Mickey Easter baskets are pretty great if you’ve got a Disney fan on your list.

15 DIY Easter Basket Ideas- Disney Easter basket


Wouldn’t it be great if the Easter basket was made out of candy, too? Oh, wait. It is. Nom, nom, nom.

15 DIY Easter Basket Ideas- Candy box Easter basket


Let’s take that up a level and make the entire basket edible….

15 DIY Easter Basket Ideas- Edible cereal treat Easter basket


Love this basket made from an old sweater! Remind me to go through my donations and remove all old sweaters. You know…just in case I need them again.

15 DIY Easter Basket Ideas- Basket from an old sweater


Take a plastic or metal pail, add a few details and you’ve got an adorable chick Easter basket. 

15 Easter basket ideas for the whole family. Fuzzy chick Easter pails


Love these chalkboard Easter pails…you could totally draw something different each year.

15 Easter basket ideas for the whole family. Chalkboard Easter pails


These mini crocheted Easter baskets are perfect for holding a single egg with a small gift inside.

15 DIY Easter Basket Ideas- Crocheted mini baskets


Here’s an almost free idea that you can personalize any way you’d like using milk jugs as the base.

15 DIY Easter Basket Ideas- Recycle a milk jug


These personalized Easter baskets are made from recycled fruit baskets. Very pretty.

15 Easter Baskets for the whole family. Upcycled fruit Easter basket.


A little mod podge, some Easter cut outs and a pretty bow make a wooden box into adorable Easter baskets.

15 Easter Baskets for the whole family. Wood box Easter basket.


Or you can just skip the basket all together and use a little plastic wagon as an Easter basket instead. Lucky kid!

15 DIY Easter Basket Ideas- Toy wagon Easter basket



This birch bark basket is pretty and perfectly rustic and would be lovely for just about anyone.

15 Easter Baskets for the whole family. Birch bark Easter basket.


Wine in an Easter basket? Yes, please. Since you’re probably going to be making your own basket, you can put whatever you darn well please in there….Am I right? Find a wine that pairs well with too many relatives and kids on a sugar high.

15 Easter Baskets for the whole family. Wine and chocolate Easter basket for women.



Save some cash and use the beer case as the basket. I don’t know many guys that wouldn’t love this manly version.

15 Easter Baskets for the whole family. Beer Easter basket for Dad.


Guys who golf would love this golfing Easter basket…skip the eggs and go right for the golf balls. Brilliant.

15 Easter Baskets for the whole family. Golfing Easter basket for Dad.

Happy crafting, “peeps”!

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  1. Wow! I love the sweet little chick basket and the recycled fruit basket, but I am in LOVE with the birch basket. What inspiring ideas! Thanks!

  2. Jenna, these are some great ideas! I really love that Birch Bark Basket, it’s so pretty, I would love to have it in our home all year round! And the buckets are so cute, the ducky one is awesome, but I really love the chalk-board painted buckets, there are so many fun things you could use them for!

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