We’re Going to Cuba!

You may have noticed that things have been pretty quiet around here lately. There are a couple of reasons for that. First, we’re in the final stages of finalizing the boys permanency plans and terminating the parental rights of the birth parents. A pretty sucky place for sure. It’s hard to get down to the blog business when everything is sucked up by the court and child welfare system.

Second, I’ve been crazy sick and only started getting it together this week. Like one day I was folding laundry and I thought the shirts were too heavy to fold. That kind of sick. Blech. The upside of that two and a half weeks of illness was that I lost 12 pounds! Without even trying! Total win. I’m sure I’m one bagel and a glass of water away from gaining it all back….but still. Actually, I should probably check again because I discovered Oreo Thins this week.

The other thing that happened is that Easter kind of attacked me from behind. Like when a friend asked what we were doing for Easter weekend and I said I’ll figure that out when it gets here. That was on Tuesday. She reminded me that Easter is this weekend. Ummm…..

That means daycare is closed for four days and the entire country pretty much shuts down as well. Canada is great for holidays and time off but not so great for finding things to do so small children don’t drive you super crazy when you’re stuck at home for four days straight. While prepping a huge holiday meal. Plus, that whole Fetal Alcohol thing the boys have going on and long weekends are a recipe for disaster most of the time. I know it’s true by the way the daycare staff wish us a happy long weekend with such joy on their faces. Bless them.


So on Wednesday I booked a trip to Cuba. All last minute like which is kind of my favorite way to do things. Because some times I over think and over plan things so much that I don’t feel like following through. True story. Last minute trips are great for over planners because you just can’t over plan. That message was brought to you by Captain Obvious.

We're going to Cuba! #travelingsinglemom

FYI- We used TripAdvisor to plan our trip. You can’t beat them for honest reviews from real people, along with pictures from travelers of what the venue really looks like. Because it’s pretty awful when the travel pictures don’t match the reality. I’ve had that happen a couple of times until I started using TripAdvisor for almost all of our trips, even when we book condos. (affiliate links included….because TripAdvisor is the bomb, y’all!).

That means no link party here this week or next since Cuba doesn’t do internet all that well. (I checked.) Be sure to visit the other co-hosts to check out last weeks features and link up. I’ll be back in April to share some details of our trip and party with you then.


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