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Remember that time that I worried that I didn’t have enough to do so I started a second blog, FASD Families? Actually, I had plenty to do but the desire I had to write about FASD and provide a place for parents raising children with this disorder to find supports and resources didn’t feel like a fit for 24 Cottonwood Lane. Hence the second site. That site has proven to be very popular with a very different audience, which makes me feel like splitting my time on two sites was a good decisions.

And remember that time I started a third website because I still didn’t have enough to do? Oh, wait. That’s the big news! Once again, I feel completely compelled to write about something so much that I need yet another site. I’ve done a few travel pieces on here but, again, not what you’re probably coming here to read, right? Here we’re all about homes, DIY, and design. Travel doesn’t really fit. Drumroll, please……

Introducing Traveling Single Mom!

Our third website is all about travel deals, tips, destinations and ways to travel with kids. I’m pretty excited about this site since travel is my passion. I’ve always loved to travel and I’m crazy obsessed about other countries, how people live, and learning about other cultures. I’m less crazy about the boys running wild in airports but I’m determined to figure out how to manage that. Stay tuned.

One of the reasons I was so freaked out after I agreed to raise the boys was this fear that I’d never travel again. But so far Liam at the tender age of 4 1/2 has been on 5 major trips and Aiden (now 3 1/2) has been on 3. That doesn’t count all the times we’ve spent camping, either.

Cuba 2016-
Cuba 2016

It took awhile to get my feet wet again in the travel pond, but I’m convinced you can, and should travel with children, regardless of their ages. It looks a little different (sometimes a lot different!) but it’s fun, doable, and totally worth it! I firmly believe that if I can travel as a single parent with two little boys with FASD, than anyone can do this!

I hope you stop by, check out the new site, and subscribe to Traveling Single Mom for updates. Like this site, I’m not going to bombard you with emails, newsletters, or things to buy. You’ll get an email when a post goes live and then we’ll leave you alone 😉


One mom, two preschoolers. Loads of adventure

The other thing that that’s changing is my Twitter handle. I used to be @24CottonwoodLane. Because of the three websites, I’ve changed my handle to @JennaHillOnline. So if we follow each other on Twitter and you get a comment or a share from me, you’ll know it’s just me with a different handle. No stranger danger here. Same goes for Instagram….I’m changing from 24 Cottonwood Lane to Jenna Hill Online. And if you don’t already follow us on Twitter and Instagram, get on that! Who doesn’t love pretty pictures and quick news flashes?

And to keep things flowing and connected, I’m going to be adding a Travel Page at the top of this site to connect the two blogs and share travel articles so that you can find them easily. We’re helpful like that.

So for those of you looking for details about our recent trip to Cuba, pop over to Traveling Single Mom, and sign up. I’ve already written a couple of articles with lots more to come and we’re now on our way to planning more trips this year, including a road trip to Nashville, Panama City Beach, Destin, and New Orleans later this spring and touring Northern Ontario, Michigan, and the great lakes this summer. #roadtrip #arewethereyet

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  1. This sounds so fun! For you and the boys. I’m happy that you’ve figured it out and that it makes you happy! Keep us posted on your traveling plans, we may have to come see the Great Lakes while you’re there, it would be so cool to meet. Husband’s family is from Michigan, and we love spending time there. Can’t wait to travel vicariously through you!

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