Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Real Moms

I thought I would write a quick article about great DIY Mother’s day gift ideas but when I thought back on my Mother’s day gifts over the last 25 years, loads of them kind of sucked. (No offense children, but you know it’s true!) And then I did my research, like I always do, and realized that lots of them still do.

I mean, who says mom’s need slippers and foot creams or frames made with Popsicle sticks just because we happened to become parents. I’m sure part of this has to do with the fact that I’m just not the sentimental type so I don’t love or need things that say “Mom” all over them on Mother’s Day. Or ever. I know that I’m “Mom”, thanks. Work with the decor, people. Work with the decor. Or just work with what the mom in your life likes. That’s okay, too.

My favorite gifts over the years? Purses, wallets, and that time that someone took me out for a meal that I didn’t have to cook. Oooh….and that Kitchen-Aid. Love that. Use it all the time. Wine is always nice, too. Because kids and all. Which is why when I decided to round up some Mother’s Day gift ideas I didn’t go with the homemade DIY kind because I had a lot of trouble coming up with ideas that didn’t kind of suck. No offense to the DIYers (like me) and no offense to those of you that love those kinds of things. But get your mom a gift that suits her, not one that uses up toilet paper rolls and twigs.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day Gifts for Moms That Cook

The ever popular Kitchen Aid is a no brainer if Mom doesn’t already have one.

Who wouldn’t want a set of 3 bamboo cutting boards for food prep or serving cheese and crackers?

I’ve started upgrading my kitchen knives over the last few years. Love this set since it has everything you’ll ever need and a handy storing block.

This clear glass mixing and measuring bowl with a wide spout and lid will fit that handy dandy Kitchen Aid 🙂

I don’t know why I don’t have a food processor! I have my eye on this one. (Hint, hint)


Mother’s Day Gifts for Moms That DIY

If Mom loves doing furniture makeovers, she totally needs a paint sprayer! I don’t know how I lived for so long without mine.

She could also really use a good Rotary Sander. I love this one!

Cordless screwdrivers can save Mom lots of time when she’s working on projects.

A solid staple gun is essential for recovering just about anything.

Don’t forget the glue gun. I have three! Mostly because I keep misplacing them and all.


Mother’s Day Gifts for Moms Who Do The Health and Fitness Thing

This Fitbit craze doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon.

Got a mom that loves juicing? This juicer has amazing reviews and I’m super sorry I cheaped out and bought one from the grocery store. This one is on my wishlist!

Or is she into smoothies? Grab her a heavy duty ice smashing smoothie maker to kick start her day.


Add a recipe book to that and you’ve got a pretty amazing gift set.

I’m loving the water infusers that I’m seeing everywhere these days. Makes getting those 8 cups in a little less painful.



Mother’s Day Gifts for Moms Who Need a Break

For tech loving moms who love to read, Kindles are a great choice. My Kindle and the Kindle app let me read books in Cuba (where wifi doesn’t exist) without lugging a pile of books with me. Nice.

For the less techy mom, you can’t go wrong with a  Barnes and Noble Gift Certificate.

Gift ideas for Mom

Personally, as a travel fiend (or escape artist, if you will), I would have loved if someone had given me a weekend away alone or with a friend. I’m not picky.  TripAdvisor is great for planning mini-getaways.

Even an overnight in a nice hotel with a spa would have been awesome.


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  1. I’m in that awkward financial position called “having a child at university” that means my mother can buy herself what she wants much more readily than I can, so if I’m buying I often do a hanging basket of flowers for her porch or a gift card for dinner out since that’s something she will use. But I do love DIY and have given her some lovely, personalized gifts like scrapbooks and photo pillows that she loved. I also like to do DIY + buy gifts like making a coffee cup sleeve and gifting it with a gift card to a coffee shop.

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