New House Shenanigans

I should probably have called this post “That Time I Caught Our Landlord Selling Our House Without Telling Us”. Since that’s what happened and all. Like one day, we’re driving home from South Carolina and, after ignoring my pleas to deal with the lawn for the past 3 months, he wants to stop by to “look at the lawn” and,  oh, bring an appraiser by tomorrow. What? Just What??

Frantic texts and emails go back and forth and he assures me he isn’t selling. Then the story changes a bit and I hear that he has a son now to consider. You don’t say? Since I have two and all and we finally got into the daycare around the corner 9 months ago and the boys are starting school in the next year. And we live in a small town with hardly any rentals. That I would actually live in.

A week or so later, I come home and there’s an appraisal and cards from a real estate agent on the counter. But no, they’re not selling. They’re going to try to finance two houses. But he’s a doctor with huge student loans, a kid, and a wife that doesn’t want to work outside the home. But they’re not selling. And the worst? I was buying that story. Until my neighbor saw us arrive home one night and asked how I was doing with the news. Apparently they told the neighbors but not me. What? Oh. I see. He wanted to make sure I paid the mortgage for him while he listed the house from under us.

That. Is. Not. Happening.

Because, after a month of tearing my hair out, weeping into my pillow, and using some new adult coloring books (Seriously…the best!), we found a really lovely house in the town down the road! Yup. A 15 minute drive, $50 more in rent and we have a great little 4 bedroom ranch with a fenced yard, backing onto some green space on a very quiet street. Best of all? Finished basement with tons of storage and another bathroom. Can you say “office” and “play room”? Yup! So excited. Well, sad and excited all at the same time. If that makes any sense at all.

That Time I Caught My Landlord Selling Our House Without Telling Me - New House Shenanigans-

Weirdest and coolest thing of all? The lovely lady who owns the house is the foster/adopt parent of a child with FASD. We completely bonded. Stories of system fail, raising kids with special needs in the whole small town thing. Love her.

The bummer side? There is no real daycare/preschool in town so we’ll be making the daily commute back and forth to our center twice a day to the tune of 4o miles of driving a day at least for the next year. Which isn’t horrible but when you consider our current daycare is less than a quarter of a mile down the road, it’s kind of sucky. And I’ll need to start all over with meeting with schools, working out if and how they can accommodate the boys high needs, and finding before and after school care when we finally get to a time and place where they can manage the school system. Fun times.

One other sucky thing. The same day that I got the “appraiser” text is the day I was having an outdoor play set installed outside. I coughed up a whopping $600 plus bucks for that gem that we can’t take with us because the outdoor space at the new place just doesn’t work with this set. The boys actually played outside on this set all day last weekend while I binged on Netflix. It was my first taste of summer freedom, ever. Ugh. People. Just ugh.

That time I caught the landlord trying to sell my house without telling me and other fun stories-

I know I never got around to posting a home tour of this house and I’ll get on that before we go. You know…hiding the clutter and taking pretty pictures. Working on it. And I’ll share deets about the new place, too. We’re moving mid-August so the leisurely, fun summer I had planned has come to a screeching halt as we try to make this move.

Excuse me, now. I have to go and color.

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  1. Sell the play set or break it apart and bring with you until you find someone to buy it. I wouldn’t leave it for a selling point or worse have them tear it down and trash it

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