Black And Tropical Master Bedroom Plans

You know how when you’re a parent, everything else is a priority but you, right? Like when we moved to this house three years ago, I made sure the boys rooms were pulled together, almost before we moved in. And then I moved the boys in together, redesigned their bedroom, and added a playroom.But the master bedroom, despite some projects here and there and a great plan, never really got off the ground. Because I focused on the boys and the rest of the house. And Netflix.

Not this time. This time, I’m doing this room before we move. Because I’ve learned that the boys don’t care so much what their bedrooms look like or even where they sleep. All good things I learned while traveling. But I care a whole lot.

horizontal bedroom plans

And black. For real, y’all. It’s a big step away from my love of white bedrooms and preppy coastal vibe I usually have going on. But I haven’t really slept well in the past three years for a couple of reasons. The primary one is the gorgeous windows in my room that let in all sorts of light. Day and night.

Seriously, it’s bright enough in my current bedroom at midnight (particularly if there’s a full moon) to read a book in. Without turning on a single light. Then itt got even more fun when the town put them on some sort of timers on the street lights after adding weird fluorescent bulbs. Because I’m a light sleeper, I tend to wake up when the lights come off an on. That sucks.

The bedroom in the new house faces the backyard so no street lights but the windows are east facing which means when the sun comes up here at 5:30 am in the summer, I’ll be up too. Unless I do something about that.

Now. Everyone I’ve told about the black walls thing has literally gasped in horror. And if they didn’t gasp, they just kind of stood there staring at me. I guess black walls and black bedrooms are a don’t for most people. But I’m fairly certain I can pull this off. And if I can’t, it’s just paint. #cheapfix

Trust me on this. It’s not like I’m pulling together some hideous black and red whore house room. Promise. I’m thinking more along the lines of tropical, palm trees, and the black walls are just there to make things pop. And help me sleep better. Since I was so bad at describing my vision I thought it was about time I created a mood board.

[As an aside…anytime you’re trying to get a vision together, get yourself on PicMonkey (minimal cost for all the bells and whistles and free for a basic membership!) and start creating a mood board.]

PicMonkey Photo editing made of win


For me it usually starts with a piece of fabric or a pillow and things take off from there. This time it was this gorgeous throw pillow from Tonic Living and this groovy Toucan print from Etsy.

Tonic Living
Tonic Living

As for the black walls, I’m thinking about Soot, from Benjamin Moore. Not thinking….more like just had it mixed up over at Sherwin Williams because of that whole 40% percent off sale thing.

I’m finally adding an upholstered headboard since I haven’t had a headboard at all for the past 4 years. I’ve been stalking a few different versions on Wayfair but I haven’t ruled out trying to DIY my own version. I love the tufted headboards, but I’m not sure I have the patience for a DIY with that many doodads. Add in a mirror and a fancy chandelier to pop against those black walls and we’re on our way. I’m thinking some spotted fabric for drapes would make a fun contrast. Tonic Living has the best fabrics. And, no, I’m not getting paid to say that. I like that they’re a Canadian company but ship to both Canada and the US.

Headboard, lighting, drapery fabric and wall decor ideas for black and tropical master bedroom design.
bed | chandelier | mirror | drapery fabric


I want to keep the decor tropical inspired without going overboard into a theme park. Know what I mean? I’m talking to you eighties theme rooms.

Decor ideas and accessories for tropical and black master bedroom plans.
toucan print | fiddle leaf | snake bowl | palm tree print


I already have a vintage dresser that will look fantastic against the dark walls, and I’m planning to makeover my previously redone nightstands in a peacock blue color. I think.

Paint colors, teak dresser and end table for tropical and black bedroom design.
night table | peacock tail | soot paint | teak dresser


The throw pillows will be in that adorable palm leaf print (already on route!), contrasted against a floral lumbar pillow and some ribbon trimmed shams. I’m keeping the white duvet and cover I bought from Amazon last year. It’s held up well and the price was awesome. (Like under $50 awesome!)

bedding | palm leaf pillow | floral pillow | shams
bedding | palm leaf pillow | floral pillow | shams


I’m investing in some new lamps since I’ve DIYed the last set to death, and a couple of accessories for the nightstands. And if there’s anything left over in the budget, I’m jonesing for this area rug from One Kings Lane. Love. Anyone want to get that for my birthday? Anyone? I’ll share my cake with you.

lamp collage
lamps | orchid | agate box | rug

So. Yes, the walls are (soon to be) black but given how much light the room has and all of the lighter accessories, I think we can make this work. Check back in the next few weeks to see some updates and the big reveal. I’m totally intent on having this room at least part way done before we actually move. Which is in 3 weeks. #gulp


Tropical master bedroom plans with black walls. Decor and design ideas.

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  1. Two words — blackout curtains! Your bedroom plans look fabulous, including the wall color – and love, love the mirror! However, with night workers in our house we found the only way to deal with outside light is to start with really good quality “blackout curtains”. You can also buy blackout liners if your selection doesn’t have blackout capability. Looking forward to the reveal!

  2. I love the idea of black walls, ours are a blend of 5 blues and silver. Love it. It’s cozy, like no other room in the house. The lighter accents will look great against it. And that toucan? It will pop right off the wall. Stunning! I cannot wait to see it! You so deserve the room of your dreams!

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