Best of the Weekend Party and Features 7.29.16

Omg, y’all! I pick up the keys to the new house this weekend. Are we ready to move? Hell to the no. I’ve been busy procrastinating and hitting the beach and all around avoiding reality this past month. So excuse my chaos tonight while I start throwing stuff in boxes and schedule my complete break down.

In case you didn’t see the new master bedroom plans that I confidently announced would be pulled together by the time we moved, visit them here. I think I may have overestimated my complete date there. By many weeks.

horizontal bedroom plans

Excuse me while I laugh at my own self. I have six days between the time I pick up the keys and the time we move. Let’s see how that over-confident announcement about having the bedroom read before we move in actually works out, shall we? #denial

Let’s get this party started.

Meet your hosts!

Cindy, Little Miss Celebration  | Facebook | Pinterest | Twitter  | G+
Amy, Ms. Toody Goo Shoes  | Facebook |  Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram
Ginnie, Hello Little Home |Facebook |  Twitter  | Pinterest | G+   |   Instagram
Paula, Virginia Sweet Pea| Facebook  |  Pinterest  |  Twitter  |  G+  |  Instagram
Jenna, 24 Cottonwood Lane | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | G+  |  Instagram


Last week’s most popular link was from Meatloaf and Melodrama who shared a tasty looking recipe for crock pot peach cobbler.

Best of the Weekend Features- Easy Crockpot Peach Cobbler

Here are some of my favorite posts from last week.

Love this hanging nightstand from the The Weathered Fox!! Great tutorial included.

Best of the Weekend Features- DIY hanging night table


Here’s a great way to re-use all those drawings your kids have done. Make some mini-fans. Gluesticks blog shows you how!

Best of the Weekend Features- Mini fans! Great idea to put kids artwork to use.


Interior Frugalista made this outdoor bar cart! I love this idea. Pretty and functional.

Best of the Weekend Features- Portable outdoor bar cart!


Another great nightstand project. This time from Pillar Box Blue who upcycled a wine crate. Definitely need to drink more wine so I can make more things.

Best of the Weekend Features- Wine Crate Turned Night Stand



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  1. Hey, Jenna! I know this is just what you need to hear when you are in the midst of a big move (congrats, BTW!), but your Pinterest link on the lists of hosts isn’t working! Anyway, I’m following you via the link on your sidebar!

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