Sunday Finds – 7.31.16

I’ve been planning this series for, like, ever. And there’s no time like now to start a new series when I’m supposed to be packing up the house to move this week, right? #procrastination

There are two questions I see pop up most often in my email box from readers of my blogs. The first is “What paint color is that?” Asked and answered right here. The second is “Where did you get that ______ ?”

I’ve spent a lot of time answering those emails and I’m still working my way through them. (If you’re one of those lovely readers waiting for an answer, it’s because I’m still searching for a source.) I’m going to spend some time, after our move of course, updating our “Shop Our Home” page to keep things current. A lot of our things are DIY projects or upcycles from the thrift store but many have been inspired by things I’ve come across online.

Sunday Finds- New series! Volume 1. A few of our favorite things and some really great deals, too

Finding and developing your unique style is hard. At least it can be where I live…small town Canada and all. It was the same when I lived down South. In fact, I’m fairly certain that in most places and certainly in the burbs, there is very little choice and everything kind of looks the same. The same two furniture stores with the same boring stuff. Everyone has the same beige sofa set, the same matching art work, and some dark wood accent tables. I know it because I see it in the stores and I see it in everyone’s homes. I’m not judging. I’m sympathizing. The struggle to be different is real in a land of builder beige and big box furniture stores. Don’t even get me started about those same old generic lighting fixtures. Boob lights, anyone?

Which is why I’m an online shopper and thrift store maniac. Because I mostly work from home, including my e-design business, and I mostly do that in a state best described as “wasn’t planning to get out of the car or open the”, I spend a lot of time online sourcing for clients along with some “occasional” shopping for me. It’s a tough job hazard, for sure. In doing that, I come across some pretty cool things and some great deals each week. I figured it was time to start sharing those things for those of  you who actually don’t spend half your day online.

It’s time to get out of those same two furniture stores and find your own style. Which is where this series comes in. Sunday Finds is here to inspire you and to allow me to share some of the really cool things I come across each week. I’ll be sharing unique finds and some great deals as well.

Here we go!


Here’s what I’m loving this week.

Sunday Finds Volume 1. Unique ideas and deals for the home
chandelier | glasses | bar cart | agate book ends | palm leaf gift wrap | nate berkus towels | wink iphone case | pineapple print | palm leaf print | malachite pillows | palm tree print | nightstand


Domino- Midsummer 20% off Sale
Wayfair- Up to 50% off playroom picks
Hattan Home- Up to 50% off pretty treats
One Kings Lane- Outdoor Items
Bed Bath & Beyond- Up to 50% off

TRAVEL DEALS Up to 50% off hotels in New Orleans
                        – Up to 50% off hotels in Myrtle Beach Lots of last minute vacation deals


If you have any suggestions of ideas and deals you’d like to see, share in the comments or send me an email.

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