The Ultimate Kitchen Gadget Gift List

I consider myself a bit of a cook. Not a chef or anything like that because, you know, the hat would ruin my hair and all. But I’m a pretty good down home kind of cook. With two picky eaters, I cook a lot less than I used to. Because one kid is addicted to PB&J sandwiches and it’s not worth the argument. But soon….soon, I’ll head back to the kitchen and, then…watch out!

So when a friend asked me what to get her sister-in-law who loves to cook, I kind of couldn’t stop with the suggestions. As in, text her 5 or maybe 10 ideas all day long. Maybe a few more actually. Which is why I’m sharing this gift idea list. So I can stop bothering Lisa with all my brilliant ideas.

The Ultimate Kitchen Gift Guide for Serious Cooks #giftideas #kitchengadgets 24 cottonwoodlane.tom


Mix masters come in all sorts of colors…I’m loving that turquoise blue! And how about that spiralizer for those low carb folks? #notme #eatallthecarbs Personally, I would love to see that deep fryer under my tree. Hint, hint.

Kitchen gadget gift guide #sprializer #deepfryer #mixmaster #immersionblender # mandoline #ricecooker
deep fryer || sprializer || mandoline || stand mixer || rice cooker || immersion blender


Could someone grab me that electric wine corkscrew? Because sometimes I forget to buy wine that doesn’t have a screw top. And maybe the egg poacher since I’ve never mastered the art of poaching an egg. Life is hard.

Kitchen gadget gift guide for the serious cook- #christmastgiftideas #kitchengadgets
milk frother || sink cutting board || electric corkscrew || bagel cutter || coffee grinder || egg poacher


That french fry cutter will go perfectly with that deep fryer!

Kitchen gadget gift guide for the ultimate cook #3. #giftideas #kitchengadgets
fat separator || sushi kit || french fry cutter || batter bowl || raclette party kit || crepe pan

Omg….I would breakfast sandwich all the things if I found that baby under the tree.

The Ultimate Kitchen Gadget Gift Guide #4 #kitchengifts #giftideas
salad scissors || pizza stone || rotary cheese grinder || mason jar blender kit || breakfast sandwich maker || mortar and pestle


This was so much fun to prepare, that I’m thinking of doing an entire gift guide series. Stay tuned.

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Kitchen gadget gift guide for serious cooks. #giftideas #kitchengadgets

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