10 Quotes That Summarize 2016 and Inspire 2017

Yup. I’m still on the whole reflecting and planning thing even though we’re moving into the middle of January. I had been planning for weeks (months?) to do a year end post summarizing all the things I’ve learned in 2016 but when I was thinking about last year and what’s coming up, I realized quotes are the way to go. Sometimes a good quote can sum things up way better than a 5000 word blog post. #amirite

In no particular order, here are the 10 quotes that nicely sum up what I’ve learned in 2016 and where I want to be heading in 2017.

10 quotes that sum up what I've learned in 2016 and where I want to go in 2017

I’ve fought so hard to be who I am after being brought up to be nice, quiet, and told not to rock the boat. Honey, that boat is a canoe and it wobbles like hell. And, I’ll continue to be who I am. I rock the boat. I burn those bridges. But I’m loyal and loving and will do anything for my friends and family. I worked too hard to get here to ever turn back.


10 quotes that summarize what we've learned in 2016 and where we're headed in 2017

Almost self explanatory. I’ve done a lot of bowing down to “the powers that be” because I wanted to be liked or just get along. I’ve pretended to be someone or something that I’m not and it’s awful.  That’s over. It never really worked and just made me feel sleazy. Ugh. Never again. I’m not compromising my values or beliefs or personality ever again to make someone else comfortable. I liked this so much, I printed it and it’s going in my office.


10 quotes that perfectly summarize what I've learned in 2016 and where I want to go in 2017

Yes. Nicely put. You can’t go stomping all over other people just because you finally grew a spine. Sometimes in our efforts to speak up we swing the other way and get kind of obnoxious. Balance is good.


10 quotes that perfectly sum up what you learned in 2016 and what motivates in 2017

I’m working on remembering this every time I wonder why things are tough and it looks like everyone has it so much easier. First, that’s an illusion. We don’t know the truth about anyone and who they really are or what they struggle with. And second, I’m finally learning to be grateful for all of the adversity because that’s where strength comes from.


Wrinkles, cellulite, and age spots included. And I’m not just talking the physical. This is about learning to be so content with yourself that when someone tells you that you “shouldn’t be that way”, or that they don’t like who you are, you don’t even look up.  An arched eyebrow and silence will do nicely.


10 quotes that summarized 2016 and motivate me in 2017

This may be less of a quote and more of a mission statement. I’m a bit obsessed with the whole #warriorwoman thing and I always have been. It’s probably because of my Mohawk blood. I’m good at warrior. The battles I’ve fought for the boys over the past five years really bring this picture home for me.


This quote really speaks to my belief about my purpose in life. I believe that we’re here to love and serve others. I’ve spent a lot of time wondering why things don’t change, particularly in social work. The past couple of years, I realized that I can make things change. At least on the micro level. So I don’t often refuse people who need me to speak up for them, particularly foster parents who need a voice for the children they care for. It’s a lot easier these days because I’m not afraid of losing my job any longer 😉



I wasn’t sure if I was going to include this one or not but it does define who I’ve become and how I’ve moved ahead with things that people used to tell me were impossible. Mostly it’s some kind of system that people refuse to fight against. Go ahead and fight if it’s important to you. Just be careful not to lock and load for every little thing (note to self.)


I’m pretty good at banging away on closed doors. I stayed in child welfare for 20 years despite being a square peg in a round hole. I stay in relationships way too long and I pursue things that clearly aren’t meant for me. Like diets. Just kidding there. Sort of.  Doors stay closed for a reason. Move forward, find the door that opens.


I had the crap experience of watching some mean girls at work this past year. It’s happened everywhere I’ve worked so I don’t know why I’m still so shocked when it goes down. Women! We need to support each other. The old boys club still exists so if we can stop ripping each other apart because someone else is pretty, skinnier, happier, louder, that would be great. You feeling me, ladies? We do it because we’re jealous or threatened by some imaginary thing that we believe she has that we don’t. It’s all bullshit. Let her shine and she’ll make you shine even brighter. Win/win.

Now it’s your turn. What are the quotes that define you? Where you’ve been and where you want to go. Share them with me 🙂 We can motivate each other.

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