Drool Worthy South African Outdoor Living Spaces

If you’ve been following us over the past few weeks, we’re in the throws of our #summertravel2017 series. Except today. Today is to celebrate the most incredibly gorgeous outdoor spaces and to find ways to make these ideas workable at your place.

Meaning affordable shopping sources since this is not a luxury design blog. We’re about real life, real style, and real ways to get things done.

Having said that, bear with us, cuz outdoor furniture ain’t cheap. And the sources I’ve found are as close a match as I could find while keeping prices low enough to be doable.

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This article is inspired by all the outdoor living we’ve been doing since we got to South Africa. Yes, it’s winter here. No, it’s nothing like winter in Canada or in most parts of the US, including Alabama. While the locals are wandering around in sweaters and hats, this Canadian family is lounging by the pool most days and enjoying being outside any day that doesn’t have rainfall in it. People in South Africa really get how to make outdoor spaces completely livable since being outdoors here is big and you can be outside most of the year. I seriously love it here

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Some of my inspiration came from South Africa Home & Garden. I’ve become a bit addicted to this magazine since our host at our house sit was kind enough to stock pile them for me and left me a pile of new issues. Because she read this blog (like, all of it!) and knew what I love. Bless her!

Note for potential travelers: You might start a house sit as strangers but sometimes you become besties in 2 hours. True story. So glad we got to spend a few days together before they left on their month long trip to the US.

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This space has a seating and dining area. Love.

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Here’s a wider view of the same outdoor space. I’m not usually into neutrals but I could live here forever.


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This view is for real, you guys! I can barely drive around here without my mouth hanging open from the gorgeousness of it all.  Which has made driving on the left side even more challenging.


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I’m so glad I found this photo because it’s got a braai (Pronounced bry like cry. Probably because when you taste what’s been cooked in there, it brings tears of joy to your eyes.). This is South Africa’s answer to the cook out or barbecuing. Grilling food over an open wood fire. Holy heck, that’s some tasty experience.


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Isn’t this gorgeous? A beach house done all in white. Which our family would promptly destroy.

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hanging chairs || beanbag loungers || wicker chair || PHOTO SOURCE


Here’s the view from the other side of the house. Seriously…. I could die. I have to continually remind myself to stick with the season of our lives. Which, for now at least, holds a couple of small messy little boys 😉 And a wine drinking mother who regularly sets her glass on the sofa.


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PHOTO SOURCE || white bar stools

I think when we get home I need to do more with our outdoor space than shove the kids out there and hope for some peace and quiet. I’m feeling very inspired these days.



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