Big News! We’re Making Some Changes!

You guys! I’m so seriously excited to announce that there are some big changes coming down the lane. Cottonwood Lane to be exact. 😉

Cottonwood Lane Designs- shop, trends, online resources, and interior decor ideas.

For those of you that have been here for awhile you’ve probably noticed that things have been pretty quiet for the past few months. I talked about some of the struggles afew weeks ago but I’ve finally figured out what’s been dragging and where we’re going from here.

In the next few months, the site is going to undergo a re-design while we update and pull our site together to make a better user experience for our readers.



We’re plugging away with a new landing page, better categories so you can find your way around and we’ll be adding a few sections including a travel section, trends in interior design, as well including a link to our brand new home decor store, Scarlett + Co Designs, that launches in early June!

So excuse our mess in the next few weeks as we fiddle around with layouts and customizing this site to make it easy to use and find what you’re looking for. Once everything is in place, I’ll update with where we’re going from here and what to expect over the next little while

We want this site to be as much yours as it is ours and to do that, we’re looking for input. What do you want to see more of? Less of? Let us know by shooting an email or find us on our Facebook page and leave a comment. It’s right over there to the right 🙂

See you on the other side 🙂




Storage Solutions for Small Entryways

Not a lot of people come home to a mudroom or a huge entry way that can meet all of the needs of a growing family. I’m sure I’m not the only one fumbling away in a small foyer with piles of things. Which is why I thought I’d spend some time today chatting about how to maximize storage solutions for a small entryway. I’ve done my best to source items (Affiliate links included…see our disclosure policy here) and if I couldn’t find the exact item, I went with something similar.

How to maximize storage in a small foyer or entryway. #storagesolutions #foyer #entryway


Our last house had a lovely long hallway with a closet, powder room and access to the garage and basement. There was room for a storage unit although we eventually replaced that unit with a bench and baskets to make things a little more open.

bench || rug  || mirror || gold dot pillow || deer key holder

Our new house  has a small entry way which currently works for us as the boys are young, and not in school or sports. Yet. Wait til next fall. That’s when the real clutter begins. The backpack chaos alone has me wondering where we’ll put everything when the time comes. Here are a few ideas for working with a small foyer when you have kids. Or just lots of stuff.


Our current foyer, literally has almost no wall space except for that spot where the deer key holder hangs. Did you notice that he had a makeover after we moved? #spraypaintlove

Small #entrywaysolutions. Great ideas to maximize storage in a small foyer.

That deer probably needs to be moved since the boys  keep knocking it off the wall when they open the closet door but I like it so it’s stayed.

If  you’ve got some wall space though, make use of the entire wall for maximum impact and function like this one from BHG.

#foyersolutions #storageideas #entryway
bars with hooks || wall mounted boxes || large cork board ||


Creativity Exchange solved their entryway storage problems with a fantastic DIY project.

wire baskets || rug || tin pails || wicker baskets|| leopard vest


Just adding some wall bins can make a huge change to the amount of clutter piled everywhere, particularly kid clutter. You can make your own with these great DIY instructions from Remodelaholic or buy them here. 

#wallstorage #entrywaystorage #foyerstorage Solutions for a small entryway.


A hall tree can by a great DIY project and I’ve seen a few made out of old doors. This one from Liz Marie Blog is stunning. If that seems like a lot of work, because it is, you can buy them already made and ready for shipping right here.

#diyhalltree #foyerstorage #hallwaysolutions #entryway
throw || wire bird cage || wicker basket || antlers || striped pillow || chair || rug 


Just a little space? Add some stylish wall hooks and you’re good to go.

#wallhooks #foyerstorage #smallentryway #storagesolutions Great ideas for small entryways.
wall hooks || bag


If you have a closet, however small, you can tweak it to add more storage and make it kid friendly. We have added hooks to the back of all of our closet doors and baskets for hats and mitts. The boys hooks are hung lower so they can actually hang up their own coats. We also added a hanging shelf inside the closet along for all the other stuff we collect. Think scarves, library books, shopping bags, and other things that need to leave the house when we do. I love this idea from the Container Store!

#entrywaysolutions #closetorganizing #foyerstorage Making use of small spaces.
closet door storage system || fabric bins || covered boxes || hooks



If you’ve got the space, a small dresser or storage bench can hold a lot of clutter. I find closed storage works best if you’re not on top of putting everything away the moment you walk in the door. #thatwouldbeme. We’re far to cluttery for open storage. Lord knows, we’ve tried.

dresser || umbrella stand || rug || wallpaper

I Heart Organizing has the most gorgeous entry way. No closet and clutter free. The shoe cabinet keeps the shoes off the floor, keeping it clutter free.

Great ideas for storage if you have a small entryway. #foyer #entryway #storage
curtain panels ||  shoe cabinet || rug || pendant light || pink bag || art || mirror

She added a credenza around the corner to hold her boys school and homework supplies. #sosmart

Solutions for small entryways #storage #foyer #storageideas
I Heart Organizing

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Storage solutions for small entryways. #foyerideas #storage #entrywaystorage #storagesolutions

The List- 1.14.17

Back again for week two of what might actually be a series since last week’s post was so popular! (Link)

Here are the things that caught my eye this week… [Read more…]

10 Quotes That Summarize 2016 and Inspire 2017

Yup. I’m still on the whole reflecting and planning thing even though we’re moving into the middle of January. I had been planning for weeks (months?) to do a year end post summarizing all the things I’ve learned in 2016 but when I was thinking about last year and what’s coming up, I realized quotes are the way to go. Sometimes a good quote can sum things up way better than a 5000 word blog post. #amirite

In no particular order, here are the 10 quotes that nicely sum up what I’ve learned in 2016 and where I want to be heading in 2017.

10 quotes that sum up what I've learned in 2016 and where I want to go in 2017

I’ve fought so hard to be who I am after being brought up to be nice, quiet, and told not to rock the boat. Honey, that boat is a canoe and it wobbles like hell. And, I’ll continue to be who I am. I rock the boat. I burn those bridges. But I’m loyal and loving and will do anything for my friends and family. I worked too hard to get here to ever turn back.


10 quotes that summarize what we've learned in 2016 and where we're headed in 2017

Almost self explanatory. I’ve done a lot of bowing down to “the powers that be” because I wanted to be liked or just get along. I’ve pretended to be someone or something that I’m not and it’s awful.  That’s over. It never really worked and just made me feel sleazy. Ugh. Never again. I’m not compromising my values or beliefs or personality ever again to make someone else comfortable. I liked this so much, I printed it and it’s going in my office.


10 quotes that perfectly summarize what I've learned in 2016 and where I want to go in 2017

Yes. Nicely put. You can’t go stomping all over other people just because you finally grew a spine. Sometimes in our efforts to speak up we swing the other way and get kind of obnoxious. Balance is good.


10 quotes that perfectly sum up what you learned in 2016 and what motivates in 2017

I’m working on remembering this every time I wonder why things are tough and it looks like everyone has it so much easier. First, that’s an illusion. We don’t know the truth about anyone and who they really are or what they struggle with. And second, I’m finally learning to be grateful for all of the adversity because that’s where strength comes from.


Wrinkles, cellulite, and age spots included. And I’m not just talking the physical. This is about learning to be so content with yourself that when someone tells you that you “shouldn’t be that way”, or that they don’t like who you are, you don’t even look up.  An arched eyebrow and silence will do nicely.


10 quotes that summarized 2016 and motivate me in 2017

This may be less of a quote and more of a mission statement. I’m a bit obsessed with the whole #warriorwoman thing and I always have been. It’s probably because of my Mohawk blood. I’m good at warrior. The battles I’ve fought for the boys over the past five years really bring this picture home for me.


This quote really speaks to my belief about my purpose in life. I believe that we’re here to love and serve others. I’ve spent a lot of time wondering why things don’t change, particularly in social work. The past couple of years, I realized that I can make things change. At least on the micro level. So I don’t often refuse people who need me to speak up for them, particularly foster parents who need a voice for the children they care for. It’s a lot easier these days because I’m not afraid of losing my job any longer 😉



I wasn’t sure if I was going to include this one or not but it does define who I’ve become and how I’ve moved ahead with things that people used to tell me were impossible. Mostly it’s some kind of system that people refuse to fight against. Go ahead and fight if it’s important to you. Just be careful not to lock and load for every little thing (note to self.)


I’m pretty good at banging away on closed doors. I stayed in child welfare for 20 years despite being a square peg in a round hole. I stay in relationships way too long and I pursue things that clearly aren’t meant for me. Like diets. Just kidding there. Sort of.  Doors stay closed for a reason. Move forward, find the door that opens.


I had the crap experience of watching some mean girls at work this past year. It’s happened everywhere I’ve worked so I don’t know why I’m still so shocked when it goes down. Women! We need to support each other. The old boys club still exists so if we can stop ripping each other apart because someone else is pretty, skinnier, happier, louder, that would be great. You feeling me, ladies? We do it because we’re jealous or threatened by some imaginary thing that we believe she has that we don’t. It’s all bullshit. Let her shine and she’ll make you shine even brighter. Win/win.

Now it’s your turn. What are the quotes that define you? Where you’ve been and where you want to go. Share them with me 🙂 We can motivate each other.

The List- 1.7.17

It’s the first weekend of the new year and I’ve spent most of the last couple of weeks reflecting about 2016 and planning for 2017. I love this time of year because it feels like a brand new start and I love me some planning.  Following through…not so much. I’m a work in progress.

I also like sharing my random finds and ideas that have worked with all of you. I don’t know if this is going to be a regular series or not. I haven’t planned that far ahead yet. Consider this more like a “Where did you get that?” and “Guess what I found?” and “Pass the wine” sort of hang out. Except you can stay home and wear your pjs. Or you can come here and wear your pjs, too. I don’t judge.

Our new weekly list of things we love, stuff that caught our eye, and our favorite new ideas

Bullet Journals

Have you jumped on the #bujo bandwagon yet? I’m all over this trend and even joined a facebook group and started a new Pinterest board. As someone with a monumental collection of notebooks and planners, it will be interesting to see if I can make the bullet journal system work for me. I have a notebook for just about every subject but I can rarely find what I need when I’m looking for it. The whole concept of the bullet journal is that you track, plan, and organize all in one place.

bullet journal ideas #bujo

Plus it’s epic fun to have a place to use up all my washi tape and finally have a new use for my art and gel markers.

Face Serums

Dark spot correctors that I've personally tried and can recommend. Because they actually work! #beautyover40 #darkspotcorrector
Clinique || Vitamin C Serum || Retseliney || Garnier

Are you sitting? Because I have a big dumb secret. I didn’t use sunscreen for a long time. Like, until this last year actually. Gasp. I  know. I was warned. I always told myself I didn’t need it because I don’t burn. Well, guess what? I might not burn but I do age and now I have all these dark spots all over my face that literally just showed up overnight. Right on my 48th birthday, it seems. I went from looking okayish to having to find a way to cover my new freckles. Which really aren’t freckles at all. Here are a few products that I’ve actually tried these last few months (including sunscreen!) and all of them have been helping to fade and hide the spots.

The Clinique was a bit out of my price range, in the interest of full disclosure. I got it as a Christmas gift (Thanks, friend!!) and I absolutely love how it makes my skin look and feel. I have a feeling I’ll be coughing up for more when this is finished.

I use the Garnier as an overnight peel once a week and it’s really helped. The Vitamin C is kind of my favorite right now since it’s so light and I can wear it under my primer and I don’t feel greasy. The Retseliney has been a God send for my, ummm….cleavage area….which has also betrayed me by going all spotty. Ugh.

I’m never going to be 25 again (thank God!) but all of these little products have helped tame the ageing on my face and chest. And that’s a small miracle right there.

Ankle Boots

I was late to the ankle boot trend because I wasn’t really sure what to do with my pants. Not even kidding…no one could accuse me of being fashion forward. But I’ve figured it out. You roll them. Doh.

#ankleboots with cuffed jeans
scarf || sunglasses || vest || shirt || jeans || boots

I’m kind of digging the look so I grabbed myself three pairs of ankle boots right before Christmas and I wear them constantly. Love. Grab your own pair, roll your cuffs, and we can meet for coffee and look cool together.