Foyer Makeover

As I’ve mentioned before, we live in a two bedroom ranch house that suited baby L and I perfectly until Bubba came along.  Since it took forever for L. to learn to sleep through the night (and this is still under negotiations!) I didn’t want to put the new baby in with him and risk everyone being up all night long.  The foyer had a pocket door that closed it off from the living room so poor baby Bubba found himself in the foyer and we found ourselves using the side door.

Well, Bubba finally got his own room yesterday and I reclaimed my foyer!  With a few fall projects already underway, a huge sale at the local thrift store, and some spray paint I was able to put together a cute and welcoming fall entryway.

So here’s the BEFORE….

Foyer before (as a nursery)

And here’s the AFTER….

Now I feel like I’m living in a grown up house once again!  Love how this turned out!

Most everything I used for the fall table is from thrift stores.  The mirror was a $4.99 find that I spray painted as were the frames on the wall.  I filled them with craft paper and added chip board letters. 

Check out the gold tin!  And with 50% off, I paid just 99 cents!!!

Added some florist foam and shredded paper from Michael’s….

And these cute gourds were also 50% off at the grocery store this week….seems like my procrastinating paid off….

Put it all together and this was the end result…

I’m just thrilled with how all my projects turned out and the foyer just feels so warm and inviting now. I love it so much I’m going to try linking it up to the Happy Hour Party at Design, Dining, and Diapers, which is one of my favorite blogs.

So stop on by and feel free to use the front door!

Linking to….

Thrift store mirror

Happy Wednesday y’all!  There was a huge 50% off sale at our local thrift store on Monday and I scored some awesome finds, including this mirror which was marked down to $4.99!

I covered the mirror and taped it off….

Then I primed it with Rust-oleum Spray Primer…..

And then finished if off with white Rust-oleum Spray Paint in gloss.  I didn’t coat it completely with primer or spray paint because I wanted some of the old gold to show through.  And here’s the end result….

I may go back and sand some of the edges to give it a more distressed look but I was waaaayyy too impatient to finish my fall entry table.

Easy! Cheap!  It doesn’t get any better than that.

Fall Planter


Fall planter from a thrift store bin and clearance items


Sometimes the prettiest seasonal decor can come from unexpected places. Like the time Michael’s had their fall seasonal items marked down to 60% off and I bought a pile not knowing what I’d do with them. Or the time that I found an oblong planter at the thrift store. And when all these things come together, you can make yourself a cute little fall porch planter for very little money. True story. 😉

And that’s just what happened on one sunny fall day. I started playing around with the flowers, grass, gourds and berries and came up with this….


Fall planter


I’m kind of opposed to fall colors and autumn on principal. You know, because summer is the only season I’m interested in and all. But I’m a little okay with all the purples that have been out there the past few years.  I was going to paint the planter but decided that I liked it just as it was. Shocking, I know 😉

I lined the planter with floral foam bricks that I broke to fit and just started sticking pieces in until it looked balanced.The foam isn’t really necessary. Anything to ground the bottom and keep things from blowing away could work. I actually filled in the sides with used grocery bags. Cuz I’m cheap like that. And then I filled it in any bare spaces around the flowers and gourds with leaves and berries to hide the foam and bags.


Fall porch planter with clearance items and a thrift store planter.


It makes a great pop of fall color on the porch and makes me feel like I’m a little less hostile about the whole season changing thing. Okay, I’m still hostile but still….pretty nifty for a half an hours work and some marked down goodies.



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Easy Thrift Store Tray Up-Cycle


Who loves thrift stores? Yay! Me, too!

Last week I found a couple of trays that I grabbed for the house. One of them was this black photo tray.



 I toyed with the idea of putting pictures in where the flowers had been but that’s not really my style so I pulled it all apart while the babies napped and thought I would start scraping the lettering off.  You didn’t notice the script? Allow me….
I sprayed the glass with Windex to wipe it down (because sometimes things from Thrift Stores aren’t always that clean) and…..wait for it…..the letters  just rubbed away as I was wiping! Nice.

So with that accomplished I went through my former craft room and found some scrapbook paper that I bought just because I loved the pattern.  (My scrapbooking phase was VERY short lived.  In fact, I’m still working on my daughter’s baby book…..she’s 22.)

A quick swap of the floral postcard background for something that works in our house.



I’m just tickled….now I have a tray to corral all of the remotes and gadgets for the electronics.



I was expecting a few hours of chiselling away letters and it took less than 5 minutes to update this thrift store beauty.



5 minutes and under $5! Doesn’t get much easier than that…. 🙂

Monkey Nursery

Welcome to 24 Cottonwood Lane! I’m so glad you found us!

I decided to share our first baby boy’s nursery for our first post. I actually have two baby boys now…but this is Liam’s room.

I designed this nursery to be sort of temporary….my daughter had been living with me and she planned to move out with the baby when L was around a year old.  That did not work out and L and I have actually moved to a new, child friendly house, when he was a few months old and we figured out that it was just going to be the two of us.  I pretty much replicated the room here at this house but baby’s first room is always so special, isn’t it?  This room used to be my craft room….ahhh the good old days when we had room for a craft room….sigh.

The crib and mattress and bedding all came from Walmart (tight budget, folks). I hand painted some plain letters from Michael’s to match the bedding. That’s probably going to be a theme on this blog 😉



I added a glider and book shelf on the other side of the room and completed the corner with some fabric wrapped canvases in coordinating fabric that I found at Joanne’s Fabrics. The paint color is Caribbean Blue from Benjamin Moore.


The monkey decals came from Babies R’ Us and the dresser was a find from the clearance section of a local furniture store.

I bought the monkey wall decals from Toys R’ Us.  Soooo cute. The decals did not survive the move and I actually bought them a second time for his room at our new place. That boy likes consistency.



The lamp and table were re-purposed from another room in the house. I trimmed it with some brown and green ribbon from my unending craft supplies.  (That poor dog had no idea what was about to happen….lol)


I had intended to order Liam’s name to hang on the wall however, I had some serious sticker shock so I set an afternoon aside to make my own. It was actually fun and something I’ll probably never have time for again, now that there are two little fellows here.



The tree decal came from Etsy and I actually left it behind when we moved since taking it down would destroy it. The other family had a little boy who loved it which was perfect.



Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ll follow along as I try to accommodate our new lifestyle and make our home work for two little ones.