Last Minute Gift Ideas For Everyone On Your List


Last minute gift ideas for the entire family with fast and either free or low cost shipping in time for Christmas


True confession time. I haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet. Which is really strange since I’m usually done by the beginning of December. I have no idea what’s wrong with me this year. I’m all ready for our cookie exchange this week and our Christmas day brunch and dinner but I haven’t done a blessed thing about Christmas gifts yet. And there are 10 days left til Christmas.



Just to keep things super real, the boys were at respite last weekend and I managed to binge watch Netflix most of the weekend. I justified that by telling myself that I’d been traumatized by the intensity of the “mediation session” held at our house the day before (5 social workers makes one a tad neurotic) and that the stores were too busy for me to hit up on a Saturday. Because I work from home and I could do that on Monday. So it’s Tuesday today. No Christmas shopping has been engaged in as of yet.

Time for some online shopping! If, by chance, I’m not the only person alive who isn’t freaking out about this, I thought I’d share some last minute shopping ideas with everyone. I’m only including sites that offer fast and either free or low cost shipping. I’ve even organized ideas into categories. And at the bottom of the article you’ll find some information and tips to make sure you get your gifts on time. #yourewelcome


This play kitchen is perfect for the play room and is delivered for free in two days!

Last minute gift ideas for kids- Vintage play kitchen with free 2 day delivery

This cruisin coupe is 70% off and also ships for free in three days.

Last minute gift ideas for kids- Cruisin' coupe ships for free in 3 days!

Let them burn off all that Christmas crazy on this trampoline.

Last minute Christmas gift ideas for kids- Trampoline and free shipping


I’m a sucker for play houses and teepees! My kids love theirs. Our dog loves it even more since she can hide from the boys. Or pretend to play with them while hiding from them.

Last minute Christmas gift ideas for kids with fast and free shipping- Play teepee

Just for boys…a racing play tent bed!Last minute Christmas gift ideas for kids with free and fast shipping- Racer bed play tent

My guys love motorized ride on toys like this cool motorcycle.  I can almost control the anxiety on my face when they ride these days. #clumsykidsLast minute gift ideas for kids with fast and free shipping. Motorized ride on motorcycle


Rocking horses are a classic. This guy’s name is Dusty. I wonder if he comes in an adult size. That would be incredibly therapeutic.

Last minute Christmas gift ideas with free shipping in time for the holidays. Dusty the rocking horse


Our train table was mostly used for standing on which is why we sold it but regular kids (ie any kids but mine) seem to play for hours with them.

Last minute Christmas gift ideas for kids with free and fast shipping. Train tables are always well loved

Got a kid that loves gadgets like our Liam (who is obsessed with my ipad)? I found this great kidproof tablet that even comes with a camera (so Liam can take more accidental pictures of the inside of his nose) and a 2 year replacement guarantee.

Last minute gift ideas for kids with free shipping and quick delivery. Kidproof tablet.

I saved the best for last but you need to order quick for delivery in time for Christmas. is a site I just found that sells personalized books for children. Shipping is free on orders of $50 or more. I love this idea for all kids but particularly for kids living with foster families. It’s a really terrific way of making a child feel special at Christmas time when they might be feeling a bit lost.

Personalized gift ideas for children at Christmas time. Really special for foster children who might be feeling a bit lost.



I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a pretty throw. Pompoms make it even better.

Last minute gift ideas with quick shipping. Pompom throw from Hattan Homes

Doesn’t seem like this fitness craze isn’t going away anytime soon and these fitness bands are super popular. I like this one because it’s actually pretty. I don’t fitness but I just might if I had that band. Might.

Last minute gift ideas for women with free and fast shipping. Fitness bands.

Everyone loves a warm fluffy scarf.

Last minute Christmas shopping ideas for women with free and fast delivery. Chinchilla scarf. Want this!!

I don’t know any woman that has enough bags, travel or otherwise. This pink and white striped one is too perfect. I almost said “totes adorbs” but I thought that might be over the top.

Last minute online shopping gift ideas for women. Pretty striped travel bag.

I got a wristlet from Coach last year and I’m shocked by how much I love it. This Kade Spade one is almost as pretty.

Last minute gift shopping ideas for women. Kate Spade wristlet with free shipping and fast delivery

Yes, it’s a candle but it’s from Jonathon Adler and is in a hand-blown rose gold vessel. That ain’t your grandma’s candle.

Last minute online shopping ideas for women. Jonathon Adler champagne pop candle.That ain't your grandma's candle.



A catchall tray for jewelry always looks pretty either in the kitchen or on the night stand. I have one in my foyer for sunglasses. And it matches that travel bag up there!

Great gift ideas for women. Catchall trays for jewelry or sunglasses


Here are some earrings to add to that tray.

Last minute gift ideas for online shopping for women. Pretty earrings.

For the crafty ladies in your life, I can’t recommend Craftsy enough. I’ve asked my kids to buy me a couple of courses to improve my photography skills. You can see all of the courses right here. They sell supplies, too.

Gift ideas- buy her a class at craftsy

And one more cool and personalized idea from Mixbook. You can make pretty much anything but I’ve loved making memory photo books. You add the photos, they do the work. Click, drag, order. Easy peasy!

Personalized last minute gifts for women. Mixbook photo books. Great Christmas Ideas



This one was a tough one for me so you’ll be happy to know I picked the brains of a few men that I know in real life. Special thanks to my buddies and co-editors for this article, Darryl, Don, Vic, and my ex-husband, Tim. (We rock at divorce!). This is what they came up with.

Apparently watches are big again. Who knew? Not me.

Last minute gift ideas for men with fast and free shipping. Watches!



I’ve never heard of such a thing but this Fire Stick is apparently what men want. It’s a TV streaming stick with voice control. Say, what?

Last minute gift ideas that men really want. Fast and free shipping. Amazon firestick streaming with voice control.


This android box was suggested by my friend, Don. I don’t know why I didn’t know about these things before re-ordering my cable.

android box

And another thing I’ve never heard of. Apparently all the guys need this  Amazon Echo in their lives. It’s a voice controlled everything and men love it. Responds to their commands in a way that wives probably won’t. It answers questions, reads auto books, gives news and weather and plays all their music along with other things I couldn’t grasp. Oh, and it has multiple microphones which means it follows commands from way across the room, making it stationary. It even controls light switches. Ex-husband would have liked that since I couldn’t ever turn off a light. Still can’t.

Last minute gift ideas for men with fast and free shipping. Gifts actually chosen by real men. The Amazon echo.


One of my guys suggested leather goods. In the interest of keeping it clean, I went with a slim, bulk free leather wallet.Last minute gift ideas that men really want (because I asked them). All with free and fast shipping. Brown slim leather wallet.This also came under the idea of leather goods. How can you go wrong with a nice leather flask? Hell, I want one for myself. It’s cold out there. And sometimes the water in bathtub gets cold, too and it’s hard to reach the tap. Just sayin’. #firstworldproblems

Last minute gift ideas for men that ship fast and free. Actually suggested by real men. Leather flask


Got a golf lover to buy for? How about a golf organizer?

Last minute gift ideas for men, chosen by real live men. The golf organizer. Free two day shipping.

Cigar aficionados will love these walnut lacquer cigar accessory kits.

Last minute gifts for men, chosen by men with free and fast shipping. Cigar accessories

I think cigar humidors are a great idea, too. They just look kind of classy sitting on a desk top. This one holds up to a hundred cigars.

Last minute gift ideas for men, chosen by men with free and fast shipping. Cigar humidors.

The other suggestion I heard was booze, and more booze. That’s easy but it requires getting dressed and hitting the stores. I like this Kentucky Bourbon Experience coffee table book and it doesn’t cause hangovers.

Last minute Christmas gifts with fast and free shipping. For men, chosen by men. Kentucky Bourbon coffee table book


A couple of my dudes mentioned movie tickets or even a movie night in. Most suggested gadgets and tools. My ex-husband mentioned buying himself lessons from a pro-golfer. I didn’t even know that was possible. This is probably why we’re divorced.


I contacted Hattan Home directly and they said that they are aiming for a 24 hour turn around in shipping right now but to guarantee delivery by Christmas to get any orders in by next Saturday (Dec 19) at the latest.

Wayfair has their shipping information posted directly on their site. Just enter your zip or postal code to get the goods on how quickly  your order will arrive.

Amazon always has free 2 day shipping with Prime. It’s totally worth having Prime if you order from Amazon more than once a year. Check your selection to see if the order qualifies for free shipping before placing your final order if you’re not a prime member.

To avoid disappointment always verify the shipping times on each order.

Happy shopping!

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15 Handmade Christmas Gifts That People Actually Want

15 Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas


I love handmade Christmas gifts. Love making them, love getting them, love obsessing over them on Pinterest. Unless they suck, of course. Not to be ungrateful or anything like that but we’ve all seen some pretty cheesy gifts in our time. Obviously that was BP. (Before Pinterest). These days it’s almost impossible to make sucky gifts. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out these fantastic handmade ideas!

Reindeer Beer or Reindeer Rootbeer

15 Handmade Christmas Ideas


DIY Mr and Mrs Rudolph Towels

15 Handmade Christmas Ideas


Sugar Cookie Sack15 Handmade Christmas Ideas- cookie sacks


Christmas PotPourri with Chalkboard Tag

15 Handmade Christmas Ideas- Potpourri with chalkboard tags


Cupcake in a Jar

15 Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas- Cupcake in a jar


DIY Gingerbread House
15 Handmade Christmas Ideas- DIY Gingerbread House

Antique Car in a Jar

15 Handmade Christmas Ideas- Antique car in a jar


Christmas Tea Trees

15 Handmade Christmas Ideas- Christmas tea trees


Candy Cane Sugar Scrub
15 Handmade Christmas Ideas- Candy cane sugar scrub


Peppermint Bath Salts
15 Handmade Christmas Ideas- Peppermint Bath Salts

Mason Jar Cookie Mix

15 Handmade Christmas Ideas- Mason jar cookie mix


DIY Foaming Handsoap

15 Handmade Christmas Ideas- Handmade soap


Peppermint Bath Bombs
15 Handmade Christmas Ideas- Peppermint bath bombs


Metallic Dotted Tumblers

15 Handmade Christmas Ideas- Gold dotted tumblers

15 Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas That People Will Actually Want

Still looking for inspiration? Check out our Pinterest Christmas and Holiday Boards for even more handmade ideas.

Are you doing any handmade gifts this year?

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Christmas Hoop Art

Make your own Christmas Hoop Art- Easy to follow tutorial included

I go a little crazy now and then when I find something I really like. Right now, it’s hoop art. Completely and totally obsessed. I think hoop art first caught my attention when I was working on a nursery for a baby girl and saw all sorts of cute hoop art as wall decor. I’ve been obsessed ever since and I finally decided to try my hand at it.

In the interest of full disclosure, the project I’m sharing today was my second attempt…the first was a giant fail. Embroidery looked simple enough. Except it isn’t. My end result looked like a toddler made it. So I did what I always do. Research and study. I bought a book of embroidery stitches and will be practising a whole lot more before anyone sees any actually stitching.

Today’s project involves layering fabrics and using both heat n bond and fabric glue. Now that’s something I can handle. It still wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be but it was a heck of a lot of fun and it kept me out of the Halloween candy. I’m officially obsessed with all things hoop art. And since Christmas is coming, my first project is all about reindeer and Christmas trees.

DIY Christmas Hoop Art- Tutorial included.




Fabric for DIY Christma



Cut out a piece of backing fabric larger than your hoop along with the shapes you’re planning to use. In this case, I used a tweed skirt for the backing that I found at the thrift store. Way cheaper than buying fabric. For the cut outs, I used two reindeer and the Christmas tree to make three hoops and loosely cut the shapes from the fabric.

DIY Christmas Hoop Art Tutorial

You can either attach the cut outs directly to the backing with fabric glue or use Heat n Bond to on the back of the fabric. I used the Heat n Bond when there were tiny details that needed to be cut and trimmed as the stiffness of the Heat n Bond makes the fabric easier to cut.

Trim the cut outs and align on the backing.

Attach the fabric cut outs to the backing either by ironing if using Heat n Bond or by painting on a thin layer of fabric glue and laying the piece(s) where you’d like them to sit.

Because you’re not actually stitching the back doesn’t require covering.

Trim your embroidery fabric so that it fits in the hoop without any over hang and attach a ribbon to the top of the hoop for hanging.

DIY Christmas Tree Hoop Art- Click Through for the full tutorial

Hoop art! I finished this in a couple of hours once I figured out where I was putting everything.

DIY Christmas Hoop Art- Click through for the full tutorial


DIY Christmas Hoop Art- Full tutorial included


DIY Christmas Hoop Art - Tutorial included


Have you tried making hoop art? Much fun!


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