Gray Paint Update



A few of months ago I went on a weird paint sampling bender in my living room and I wrote all about it here.  In the end (at least at that time) I settled on Revere Pewter because it’s a nice greige and it goes with everything.  And then I discovered that we have a Sherwin Williams store in the city. Two actually. And that’s where it happened.  I found a soft gray that I fell in love with.  No beige, no greige.  Just a pure, cool gray.  The color is Light French Gray and it’s described as a light, cool neutral.


In the interest of keeping it real, by this time I had also tried out two other grays.  Which brought my testers up to a total of nine. 9!! This was getting crazy.





But the minute I put the color on the wall, it was love. I managed to get the main floor painted while the boys played around me. True story. And I’m still swooning over this color.

Here’s the kitchen transformation….




The living and dining area….



You can see the old gold color on the stairway and landing just begging to be painted.





I loved it so much, I took it all the way upstairs to the second floor landing. I sigh with happiness every time I come through the door.  Huge difference.

And just to mix it up a bit, I painted the entry way in Dior Gray by Benjamin Moore.  A nice dark gray with a purple/blue undertone. Looks perfect in there and keeps it fresh and interesting.





The finished hallway….



Love, love, love both of these colors.  And nothing beats the feeling of coming home to a house you love.



Super Easy DIY Faux Roman Shades

Before I start telling y’all about this project, I should share how much I hate sewing.  HATE IT!  A few years ago I acknowledged defeat and gave my machine away vowing never to sew again.  Well, I caved and bought a cheap-o sewing machine from Walmart over the labor day weekend.  As usual, it was all about being thrifty.  I’d been prowling local stores Etsy looking for new throw pillows and I can’t bring myself to cough up $40 and up for a pillow.  So (sew?) here I go again with the darn sewing machine.  And here’s the latest project at Cottonwood Drive…….

We moved to our new house at the end of June and the new dining room and landing windows have been bare since then.

Not a big deal since they let in some nice light and that side of the house is pretty private but I’ve been obsessing over adding some kind of window treatment to cute them up. I had a ton of extra fabric I from re-covering my dining room chairs.  (Read all about that adventure here).  I didn’t really know how to calculate yardage so I bought way too much and it’s just been sitting in the basement since then.  I also bought an iron along with my sewing machine since I thought I lost them in the move.  Found the irons the day after I bought the new one.  I now have three irons.  Yay, me and my fabulous organization skills.

I had very little idea of what I was doing and my sewing skills are pretty basic so I thought I would just measure the windows on the inside of the frames and sew a basic square the size of the windows.  And that’s exactly what I did.

I measured 21×21 inches and ironed down the sides where I would sew the seams.  After a few miscalculations….(ummm, I may have forgotten to calculate extra measuring to accommodate the curtain rod!), I had three small squares for the dining room windows and a big one for the landing.  I sewed the hems in a (mostly) straight line on all four sides and they were ready. Easier than I thought.  If you really hate sewing as much as I do and don’t want to attempt it, iron in hemming tape would have worked just fine, too.
I used tension rods that I already had on hand.  I was planning to use them to store ribbons in my craft room at one point but I don’t’ have a craft room any longer.  Really.  They were just sitting there begging for my attention.

Pushed the rods through the fabric and mounted them on the insides of the windows.

Cute, right?
Except they bugged me a little bit.  Until I dug out a few more rods and mounted them as well and draped the fabric over them.

Perfect!  Little faux Roman shade window treatments.  Since they don’t need to close for privacy, I figured this was the perfect solution.  I used two rods for draping the large window and one for the little ones. 
Love!  Cuteness factor went way up.