15 Painted Dressers That Will Make You Want to Bust Out a Paintbrush

I’m fairly obsessed with furniture makeovers, which you probably already know if you’ve followed this blog for any length of time. Painted dressers are a quick way to bring some style and storage just about anywhere you need them. The nice thing about dressers is they come in all shapes and sizes from the petite, like the infamous Ikea Rast….

15 Painted Dresser Ideas- Ikea Rast Makeover

to the statement piece (ie huge).

15 Painted Dresser Ideas- Large grey statement piece

Dressers aren’t just for the bedroom anymore and we’re seeing them used in every room you can imagine. We use one in our living area to hold dvds and office supplies and one in our playroom for toys and more dvds. Dressers are pretty much my favorite piece of furniture to paint because they’re so dang versatile, you can customize them to match just about any decor, and if you’re good at bargain hunting, you can pick them up on the cheap.

Learn how to paint furniture!

Here are 15 gorgeous furniture makeovers that will make you want to grab a paintbrush and start flipping your own furniture.

15 Gorgeous Painted Dresser Ideas

Volkswagen Bus Dresser 

15 Gorgeous Painted Dresser Ideas- The Volkswagan van dresser

Pretty Pink Bamboo Dresser 

15 Gorgeous Painted Dresser Ideas- Pink bamboo bedroom dresser.

Aqua Nursery Dresser

15 Gorgeous Painted Dresser Ideas- aqua nursery dresser. Nursery decor ideas

Pink and Gold Nursery Dresser

15 Gorgeous Painted Dresser Ideas- pink and gold French provincial dresser makeover

Deep Cobalt French Provincial Dresser

15 Gorgeous Painted Dresser Ideas- navy French provincial dresser

Coral Ikea Rast Hack

15 Gorgeous Painted Dresser Ideas- coral ikea rast hack.

Emerald Green Console

15 Gorgeous Painted Dresser Ideas- Emerald green dresser

Chelsea Grey Painted Ikea Dresser with Gold Pulls

15 Gorgeous Painted Dresser Ideas- Chelsea grey painted Ikea dresser

Mid Century Modern Tiffany Blue

15 Gorgeous Painted Dresser Ideas- Tiffany blue mid-century modern dresser

Nautical Ship Dresser

15 Gorgeous Painted Dresser Ideas- Nautical ship dresser

Yellow and White Dresser

15 Gorgeous Painted Dresser Ideas- Small yellow and white dresser

Color Blocked Pink Dresser

15 Gorgeous Painted Dresser Ideas- pink color blocked dresser
Bold Purple Dining Room Dresser

15 Gorgeous Painted Dresser Ideas- purple and gold dresser


Robot Dresser

15 Gorgeous Painted Dresser Ideas- Robot dresser. Perfect for a little boy's room.

Orange Vintage Dresser

15 Gorgeous Painted Dresser Ideas- orange vintage dresser

Feeling inspired yet?

Want to learn how to paint furniture? Check out these great books for techniques and ideas (affiliate links included):

Pretty Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas

I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m falling behind in the craft department these days. I had great intentions of making lots of pretty Valentine’s day crafts but all I’ve actually put together so far are some printables. Cute? For sure. But sometimes you just need a bit of inspiration to get your DIY on. Check out these pretty ideas.

10 Valentines Day Decor Ideas. Click through to see them all.


You know I have a fondness for pompoms….

Valentine's Day Decor Ideas- Heart shaped pompom wreath
Fynes Designs

Seriously. Why am I not pompoming all the things right now? Probably because the boys have at least 3 specialist appointments each week. Oh. That’s why.

Valentine's Day Decor Ideas- Pompom garland
The Happier Homemaker

How amazing is this paper heart wreath? So simple and so pretty.

Valentines Day Decor Ideas- paper heart wreath
Blooming Homestead

I like that this marquee light is heart shaped but it’s unique in that it’s not pink or red. It could be used all year round.

Valentine's Day Decor Ideas- marquee heart shaped lights
Poofy Cheeks

These pretty candy heart trees were shared at our link party last week. Love.

Valentine's Day DIY Decor Ideas- candy heart trees
Carrie Elle

Navy and pink are totally my favorite color combo. Love this no-sew flag.

Valentine's Day Decor Idea- No Sew Flag
Hello Little Home

Got yarn? Got letters? Off you go.

Valentine's Day Decor Ideas- Love yarn letters.
My Sister’s Suitcase

A little black and white, a little glitter and you’re ready to roll.

DIY Valentine's Day Decor Ideas- Glitter letters on canvas
Hey Lauren Rene

I actually made these XO door hangers a couple of years ago. Where are they? No idea. Because this isn’t an organizing blog.

Valentine's Day Decor Ideas- XOXO door hanger
24 Cottonwood Lane

I like the idea of using ornaments to make a Valentine’s Day garland.


Valentines Day Decor Ideas- Valentines Ornament Garland
Woods of Bell Trees

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Feeling inspired yet? Excuse me while I try to find my glue gun.

Valentine's Day Decor Ideas- 10 pretty DIY projects to try at home.