Upcycled Target Find- The Happy Hippopotamuses


I heart Target so much. No, I don’t get compensated…I just heart them.  And it’s because of guys like this. The happy hippopotamus couple.



Here’s how this story goes….

A month or so ago I’m shopping with the boys and my oldest kiddo who snatched up these Threshold Salt and Pepper shakers. How cute are these? I snatched them back and told her I’d give them to her for Christmas. (I was still low on gift ideas at this point.)



I stuck them in the basement and went on about my business. But then I couldn’t stop visiting them in their little basement hiding place. Sometimes more than once a day. I luuuurved them so much, I decided to get my own pair.

Here’s where the trauma part begins….don’t worry….there’s a happy ending. Obviously. Or I wouldn’t be writing this.

Back I go to Target on my lunch (half) hour. I searched high and low but no top-hatted hippos in sight. To console myself, I bought all of these things. It’s hard to stay sad long when you have a dachshund tape dispenser. And candy cane sprinkles, a wallet, and these glam cups, and some push pins.



Now, do you remember what the cashiers always ask at the checkout? These guys are so awesome. Wait for it….

Target cashier: “Did you find everything you were looking for today?”

Me: “Oh, why no. I did not. And now I feel sad.” (Explains the dilemma and subsequent sadness.)

Cashier: “Let me go take a look”.

Aaaaannnnd, she came back with the last pair of happy hippos in the entire city.  Insert dance of happiness at check out counter. And here again as I write this. I still bought all of the other things because I didn’t want to get her in trouble for selling less. I’m a giver that way.

Now here’s where things got a little strange(r). In my head, the hippos were wearing gold hats. In real life they were not. My delusions had gotten delusional.



But that’s ok because I have mod podge and gold glitter and I can rock a paintbrush.



And that’s exactly what happened to my little hippopotamus pals one sunny afternoon right after Christmas when the boys were being quiet. For three minutes because that’s literally how long it took. Maybe less.



I didn’t even wait for the happy pair to dry before I started snapping pictures of them just hanging out and making me smile.


hippos new 1


They’re so stinkin’ cute that I named them Harry and Heloise.



And now that they’ve found a home on the media center, we’re going to hang out and watch some Netflix for like ever. No salt and pepper day job for this glam couple. They’re way too cool for that.



Pillow Up-Cycle with Fabric Paint


I have a super easy and fast up-cycle today to share with y’all.  This project took less than fifteen minutes from start to finish.  My kind of project.  I actually made this last year and forgot all about it until I pulled out the Christmas decorations.

I’d been wanting to try painting on fabric, and pillows in particular, for awhile now.  It’s largely due to my champagne taste on my beer budget.  Every time I see a pillow I like, it costs something insane like $85. Umm, no.  The problem here is that I’m not artistic.  I can’t even draw a straight line.  So when I saw this little pillow at the grocery store for $9, I knew it was a no-brainer. It was a bit bland as it was but not for long.



How hard could it be to paint between the lines?  Harder than I thought actually, but I finished it anyway.

I picked up some fabric medium which may have been unnecessary since it’s not going to get a lot of use and I’m not planning on washing it.  I used the aqua glitter paint I already had in my craft supplies.



I didn’t mix it as directed but just added a squirt of the fabric medium rather than the two parts paint to one part medium that was called for.  It just diluted the aqua way too much.  Interestingly, the glitter that goes in aqua paint is actually green.  Who knew?  Well, I know that now since the pillow turned out way more green because of the glitter than aqua.

But it’s still kind of fun, no?



I’m probably not keeping this one since it’s too green for my taste but I’m still kind of jazzed about the cute factor nonetheless.



And, of course, the minute I tell a child not to touch while I’m taking pictures, I get this.



I can’t believe how young Aiden is in this picture. I mean I did make this last winter and all but he looks like such a baby.  Since I couldn’t get him to leave the pillow alone, I put him to work as a prop.




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Red and White Christmas Wreath



In the interest of full disclosure, I’m not a huge fan of red. Having said that, I decided to do something completely different this year and do a red and white Christmas porch. Just feeling the need to shake things up and all.

The first project I tackled this season was this easy wreath that I made out of white and red ribbon that I bought at the Dollar Store a few weeks ago. I already had the foam wreath form and snowflake ornaments on hand.



I started by giving the wreath form a light spray of white primer because when I started wrapping the ribbon, the green showed through. Once it was dry, I just started wrapping the ribbon around the wreath, using a little hot glue here and there to keep it in place.



All wrapped and ready for some decorating.



I decided to keep it simple by adding a bow to the bottom of the wreath.  I’d like to say this was easy but for some reason bows are my nemesis. I struggled, not only to make a bow that didn’t look drunker than Cooter Brown at the state fair, but also to attach it to the wreath. Ugh.



In the end, I wound up using a combination of hot glue, floral wire, a staple, and some florist pins. Not even kidding. It didn’t help at all that the boys were in high spirits and were either tearing the place apart or falling down everywhere. One of them even refused to get dressed that day…Not worth fighting about.


“Hey, let’s party with the throw pillows, Mom loves that.”


I used one of the little snowflake ornaments to cover up the mess I made with the bow, attaching it with some hot glue.



All done and ready to go outside.




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Antique Car in a Jar


After the sudden passing of his father last year, my friend’s partner, Chris, was cleaning out his family home when he came across his old matchbox cars.  How cool are these vintage cars? Some of them are over 50 years old!


I was really touched when Chris brought them over to give to the boys but also concerned about lead paint. So I knew that I’d be using them in the boys rooms in the future and as part of some kind of decoration.  But then I got to thinking about how I could up-cycle a couple of these as a Christmas gift for Chris and when I came across this car in a jar idea at It All Started With Paint I knew I wanted to make something like this for him.


How stinkin’ cute is that?
So I gathered up the cars, some bottle brush trees and fake snow from Michael’s, and some twine from the craft room.
I had to cut the tree to fit on the car with some wire cutters and then hot glued it to the roof of the car before tying it with the twine.
When that was all dry I just hot glued the car to the bottom of the jar.  The most difficult part was finding a jar that was clear and had no detail that would make the car appear blurry. In the end, I wound up using a corn relish jar that I had saved.
Then I spray painted the lid white, added Chris’ initial on the top and glued some twine and bobbly things to the lid.


He was so touched when he opened this up on Christmas day and it’s something they can put up on the mantel year after year.  So much cuteness and sentiment in one little jar. : )

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Valentine’s Printables

Free Valentine's Day Printables
Valentine’s Day isn’t really a big deal around here.  I mean, aside from the two handsome little men in my life, I’m a confirmed bachelorette and all.  But I love me some pink and I love me some printables.  I think printables are pretty much the greatest thing since the internet was invented.  Since the boys were home sick the past couple of days, I had the opportunity to play around on PicMonkey and made some cute new printables to share with all of you.  Just click on the link at the bottom and save it to your computer.
Love printable


Valentine printable

I framed the chevron one and it’s going on my little mantel in the living room.


If you haven’t tried PicMonkey, get over there asap! It’s terrific for editing photos and it’s how I make all of my printables. Love it.