Blogs We Love- The Series

What up, blog babes? And blog dudes, for my 9 male readers that I’m not actually related to.

When I decided to redesign our site and brand to work with bloggers and online business owners, I knew that I really wanted to support other bloggers and give back in some way. That whole love and be of service thing is a big one to me and that’s where our new series comes in! In the next few weeks, we’ll be starting a weekly feature of “Blogs We Love”  or perhaps “Blogs We Heart”. Something cool like that!

My boys have some awful stomach flu right now so  my head is a bit fuzzy from lack of sleep and the inhalation of too much laundry soap. They have literally barfed on just about everything in the past two days. If you’ve got a better idea for a title for the series, let me know because my brain is a bit fried. I’ll be right here trying not to fall asleep while typing.

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I haven’t figured out all of the details yet but I wanted to put the word out that we’re looking to feature hard working bloggers and business owners. Sharing the love and promoting your work and your gorgeous website. Or handsome site for you 9 dudes. That’s some good stuff right there!

I love reading blogs and usually devote a good hour laying in bed every morning, (dropping the phone on my face and such) to reading the blogs I’ve subscribed to and browsing Bloglovin (this link takes you to mine if you want to follow along!). I used to feel guilty at what I considered an indulgence and time waster until I remembered that this is why blogs exist. For people to read them. Duh.

And because we’re moving forward with our blog and online business supports as well as our new shop I decided to call this research and now embrace this as part of my work. Bam. Obsessive worry about wasting time? Officially gone. Don’t hate me because I can rationalize anything, k? It’s a gift.

But really, folks. Blogging is about community, networking, and support, regardless of what your niche is. It’s been said a zillion times in a brazillion (sure, that’s a word) ways but building your tribe is part of blogging. You start by finding your passion, you build your blog, and you create your tribe. I want us to be a tribe!

More Good Stuff!

We’re going to be adding a Facebook Group to help you build your amazing blog, online business, and website. Yes, we are! For people that sign up, you’ll have access to our freebies and a whole bunch of ideas, tips and tutorials around blogging and building your tribe.

Around the same time, we’ll develop the Blogs We Heart/Love series and we’ll feature one each week, probably towards the weekend. A little Saturday morning reading, if you will. The best way to hear about when the series goes live is to subscribe to our email list. You can do that easy peasy by clicking the subscribe button below!


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And, of course, the shop is launching in April. Much yay!!

Now get out there and build your business, Hotstuff! ♥ 

How to Find Your Purpose In Life

How to find your purpose in life. Lessons from an Indigenous Elder.

Let’s be clear right off the bat. I’m not an Elder. But I wanted to share some words of wisdom that I received a few years ago from one of mine about understanding your life’s purpose.

Understanding how to find your life's purpose! Hint. It's not what y ou

As a former social worker and a college instructor in the same field, this is almost a regular conversation for students and colleagues. It’s easy to say you’ve found your purpose in life when you’ve signed up for a career that focuses on helping other people. But what if you  have a yearning to help or provide something “bigger”  (that’s in quotes for a reason, y’all!) and you feel like your “menial job” (which provides for your family and all) isn’t the kind of profession where you’re giving.

A few weeks ago I had breakfast in town at my favorite poached egg place (because I can’t cook an egg to save my life) and wound up chatting with two construction workers who were taking a break from fixing the roads in our county. We were chatting about work and what we did and one of the fellows said it must feel good to make such a contribution to society all day long. Sometimes it feels great and sometimes it sucks beyond reason but that’s okay. He went on to say that he’d love to figure out his life’s purpose and do something meaningful besides fixing roads for the rest of his life but he had to provide for his family and had obligations.

Oh, man! I get that feeling. I work two part time social work jobs and this blog along with my other websites. Half the time I feel like I’m running in circles just trying to keep up with the electric bill. (Yay, Ontario for doubling our rates this winter!!) And, at the same time I’m trying to launch a shop.

It bugged me so much that this fellow felt like he should be doing something bigger with his life but couldn’t’ find a way to do that. And then, two days later, I hit a pothole hard and blew out my front tire. In Canada. In February. Here’s what I’d like to be able to go back and say to this fellow:

“Dude, you’re already providing the most wonderful and loving service by keeping our roads safe. If you don’t think that matters, think again.”

I think it’s pretty clear most of us are looking to fulfill our purpose in life. This drive is what keeps us moving forward. Going to school. Getting married. Having children. Working.

Here’s  where I’m going to get a bit radical. What if we defined our purpose in life as separate from our day jobs?

I know, right? So not the North American way of living where work is our identity.

A few years ago I was struggling with the same “find your purpose” thing while working in the helping profession, of all things. So I got quiet and settled in for some reflection. Because my life was, and still is kind of nuts, that meant in fifteen minute increments before one of the boys cried or I fell asleep on my notepad. True story.

Now, I’m a spiritual kind of gal so I went with what I understood which was looking at my “Divine purpose”. If you’re not into that, go with life purpose. If you’re a Christian you know what to do… God’s purpose.

So when I got quiet, I went back to my Indigenous roots where I’d been taught that my work was to love Creator  (God, for the rest of you) and to be of service.

How should I be of service? I remember asking the Elder who was kind enough to talk  to me about this life purpose thing. He laughed and said “Well it doesn’t need to be as a social worker if that’s making you so resentful and tired all the time. ” He was an observant fellow. And then he went on to say something along the lines of “if your being of service job is driving you to neglect your family or other parts of life, who are you serving?”

Wait. What? In my culture, there are tons of us that are in the helping profession.  Teaching, healing, social work, counseling. It’s part of our teachings. So while I sat there, just kind of staring and trying not to cry as I remembered yelling at the boys the  night before because I was exhausted and needed them to just be quiet, he gently reminded me that you bring love and service to every job you do if you’re doing it to serve our Creator.

Back to the construction guy. You fix roads? You’re already a hero who’s of service. Do it with love and you’re there. You’re serving humanity. I don’t really care what you do or where you “work” because this applies to everyone. You  make widget in a factory all day? You’re being of service. Serve Big Macs? Do it with love, and you’re being of service. A person’s gotta eat afterall.

See where I’m going with this? Do your work, “menial”, or otherwise with love and you’re of service. I know that’s hard. It’s hard to get excited about slinging eggs, or making parts for a car, or picking up garbage. But you’re serving humanity and Creator in doing so. Bam.

How to find your life's purpose. Hint. You alrea


Which brings me to my own struggle.

I was taught not to self-promote because no one likes a bragger, right? And, in my family, being an entrepreneur, isn’t something that’s done. Hell, I had a hard enough time explaining social work to my peeps. So I’ve struggled with feelings of guilt as I’ve moved out of helping people for a living and trying to work my online business and blogs.

But I remembered the words of my Elder recently and started to refocus on building our shop, the blogs, and my side business as a form of love and service. And suddenly, everything came into focus. If our purpose is to love and serve others, (which I believe it is), then it doesn’t matter what you do to fulfill that calling. For me, at the moment, it’s helping bloggers and online biz owners build prettier websites.

Now, if you take a moment to picture my Indigenous/social worker guilt about just wanting to make the world and web prettier instead of more just and equitable and you’ll know what kind of guilt I’ve been struggling with! Huh. Enough of that.

Loving and serving people doesn’t require that we all be Mother Theresa. Which is great because quite frankly, most of us would look terrible in that nun habit and don’t really want to move to India. Finding your life’s purpose, in my humble corner of the world, is far more about love and service than about how you get that done.

Kind of like my breakfast eating road warrior hero, no? Because two days after my tire blow out, most of the potholes on that crazy road have been filled. That road repair is a beautiful gift to humanity, Construction Guy.