Blogs We Love- The Series

What up, blog babes? And blog dudes, for my 9 male readers that I’m not actually related to.

When I decided to redesign our site and brand to work with bloggers and online business owners, I knew that I really wanted to support other bloggers and give back in some way. That whole love and be of service thing is a big one to me and that’s where our new series comes in! In the next few weeks, we’ll be starting a weekly feature of “Blogs We Love”  or perhaps “Blogs We Heart”. Something cool like that!

My boys have some awful stomach flu right now so  my head is a bit fuzzy from lack of sleep and the inhalation of too much laundry soap. They have literally barfed on just about everything in the past two days. If you’ve got a better idea for a title for the series, let me know because my brain is a bit fried. I’ll be right here trying not to fall asleep while typing.

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I haven’t figured out all of the details yet but I wanted to put the word out that we’re looking to feature hard working bloggers and business owners. Sharing the love and promoting your work and your gorgeous website. Or handsome site for you 9 dudes. That’s some good stuff right there!

I love reading blogs and usually devote a good hour laying in bed every morning, (dropping the phone on my face and such) to reading the blogs I’ve subscribed to and browsing Bloglovin (this link takes you to mine if you want to follow along!). I used to feel guilty at what I considered an indulgence and time waster until I remembered that this is why blogs exist. For people to read them. Duh.

And because we’re moving forward with our blog and online business supports as well as our new shop I decided to call this research and now embrace this as part of my work. Bam. Obsessive worry about wasting time? Officially gone. Don’t hate me because I can rationalize anything, k? It’s a gift.

But really, folks. Blogging is about community, networking, and support, regardless of what your niche is. It’s been said a zillion times in a brazillion (sure, that’s a word) ways but building your tribe is part of blogging. You start by finding your passion, you build your blog, and you create your tribe. I want us to be a tribe!

More Good Stuff!

We’re going to be adding a Facebook Group to help you build your amazing blog, online business, and website. Yes, we are! For people that sign up, you’ll have access to our freebies and a whole bunch of ideas, tips and tutorials around blogging and building your tribe.

Around the same time, we’ll develop the Blogs We Heart/Love series and we’ll feature one each week, probably towards the weekend. A little Saturday morning reading, if you will. The best way to hear about when the series goes live is to subscribe to our email list. You can do that easy peasy by clicking the subscribe button below!


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And, of course, the shop is launching in April. Much yay!!

Now get out there and build your business, Hotstuff! ♥