15 Kid Friendly No-Carve Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween is fun but sometimes it’s a bit scary for younger children. The boys have big imaginations and Aiden, particularly, gets the scaries easily. Which is why our Halloween projects tend to be friendly, cute, or glam if I have it my way. I sat down with my little fellows this week to get ideas for our Halloween decorating and we had a great time looking at some kid friendly pumpkins. Today we’re sharing our 15 favorite ideas with all of you.


15 Kid Friendly No Carve Halloween Pumpkins For Little Kids


We’re really into the Frog and The Princess right now which means the boys loved this little frog pumpkin.

Kid friendly halloween pumpkins- Frog

Ready for action…ninja turtle pumpkin.

Kid Friendly No Carve Ninja Turtle Halloween Pumpkin


The boys had no idea who Mr. Potato Head is but he’s too cute to pass up.

Kid friendly no carve Mr. Potato Head pumpkin


This cute little Frankenstein monster didn’t scare Aiden at all.

Kid Friendly Halloween Pumpkins- Cute Frankenstein


Cookie Monster pumpkins wouldn’t be very safe around here. Nom, nom, nom! He’s our only carving pumpkin choice. And minimal carving at that.

Kid Friendly Halloween Pumpkins- Cookie Monster


We liked this cute little Elmo pumpkin!

Kid Friendly Halloween Pumpkins- Elmo


The whole class of Abby’s Flying Fairy School is all ready for the front porch.

Fun and Kid Friendly Halloween Pumpkins- Abby's Flying Fairy School


You’ve got to love some super hero pumpkins! Liam wants to be Batman for Halloween.

Kid Friendly Not Scary Halloween Pumpkins- Super heroes


Some more super heroes!

Kid Friendly Halloween Pumpkins- Super heroes


Oh, hey, Nemo! Glad we found you.

Kid Friendly Halloween Pumpkin- Nemo


How cute is this little Cinderella coach pumpkin?

Kid Friendly Halloween Pumpkins- Cinderella's Pumpkin Coach


We heart this Olaf Pumpkin Topiary! This guy could stay out on the porch until spring.

Kid Friendly Halloween Pumpkins- Olaf


Liam loves all things Shrek! This was his favorite!

Kid Friendly Halloween Pumpkins- Shrek


Mike and Sully are always a good combination.

Little Kid Friendly Halloween Pumpkins- Monsters Inc


Minion Pumpkins! Seriously? So cute!

Kid Friendly Minion Pumpkins

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We’re busting out the paints this week to make our own pumpkins. Have you started your Halloween decorating yet?