Outside Stuff Storage Bucket

I have no idea why I didn’t think of organizing an outside basket long ago. You’d think I enjoyed running around in circles looking for swimsuits, towels, sunscreen and hats before heading outdoors. I dunno. Maybe I like to do things the hard way.

So when I was purging all the things in an attempt to get ready to move, I took a look at these two galvanized tubs I’d bought a couple of years ago and only ever used to hold cold drinks at parties. I kept asking myself what else I could use them for because, quite simply, I liked them too much to get rid of and I couldn’t justify keeping them for the one party I have every year. If that. 😉 #introverted #mostlytootiredtoparty

Outdoor organizing station using galvanized buckets

And at that precise moment, when I was doing the whole “Does this thing bring you joy?” thing like in that book about tidying up, the boys wanted to go swimming. Ummm…..lightbulb.

Sure, kids. In about 10 minutes after I put all the things in this bucket and take pictures of it.

Organize an outside bucket and leave it by the back door to get outside fast.

Why, yes, that is a flamingo towel. That’s mine and I don’t share. I love me some flamingo.

So, what’s in the outside bucket?

  • Hats
  • Sunscreens. All of them! In one spot!!
  • Beach and pool towels
  • A couple of the boys swimsuits so I don’t need to run upstairs if they want to swim #lazy When they come out of the laundry, I just plop them back in the bucket
  • Water bottles and my favorite tumbler for water. Or maybe wine.
  • Secret stuff I hide under towels

Seriously. So simple and so much easier and quicker to get outside. Sometimes it took so long to get outdoors that the boys didn’t want to go anymore. I think the sunscreen issue was the worst since I stash that stuff everywhere. But not anywhere useful. It’s like a miracle to not have to search cupboards, purses, and beach bags to find the one I use for my face. Because at almost 48, I still break out like a teenager.

outdoor bucket 1

Our secret bucket item? Dog poop baggies. Hidden under the towels to keep things classy. Because I’m mostly lazy during the week when the boys are at daycare and do a frantic poop pick up on weekends. Usually right after the boys ask to play outside. I’m spontaneous like that.

While were in full disclosure mode, we don’t actually have a pool that isn’t inflatable. We have this fun size pool that I ordered from Amazon after I ran over the previous one with the lawnmower last summer and couldn’t find a replacement at our local Walmart. God bless Amazon. It saved summer.

Our fun sized summer pool. That I sometimes lounge and read a book in when no one's looking. 24cottonwoodlane.com

I have been known to sit and read a book in it on super hot days when the boys are at daycare. Thank God for good fences. And hidden under all those towels, is the automatic air pump we use to blow up that pool.

And the other bucket? We used that one to corral the boys outdoor toys. So I can finally stop running them over with the lawnmower. Summer time. And the living is easy. Well, easier than it used to be.

outdoor bucket close up

Build your own outside bucket right here. (affiliate links included — see our disclosure policy here)

Build an outside bucket to help you stay organized and get outdoors fast. 24cottonwoodlane.com
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Put together an outside basket to make going outside with kids just a little bit easier. No more searching for stuff!