Welcome to Cottonwood Lane Designs -The Shop

You guys! I’m so ridiculously excited to get to today and launch our online shop! I’ve been working like crazy to change our site layout, update our menus and to get our shop up and running. And, it’s finally here!

Cottonwood Lane Designs. Branding, logos, headers. Pre-made and custom designs. Brand your website beautifully and affordably


I am crazy thrilled to be able to finally put my love of color and pretty things together with my passion for beautiful online spaces! Yup, web design, y’all. Seriously. Love. It. And I hope it shows in our product line!


We’ve added pre-made but customizable blog/website/Etsy shop headers that are easy to download and ready to use in no time at all, saving you some precious time if graphics aren’t your thing. To make it even easier, we can add your blog title and tag line for you if you’re truly not interested in playing with photo editing tools.

All fun stuff that I seriously love to do! (And no one is more surprised by this direction than me at times. Or maybe my former IT guy. Trust me on that one.)


We’re also adding logos, both pre-made and customized along with our headers.

Floral watercolor logo for your website, blog, ecommerce site, or Etsy shop. Matching header available. Perfect for social media profiles as well.

I saved the best for last! We’re also ready to work with you to build your brand by helping you develop your style with branding boards.

Oh, how I love a good branding board. And you should, too!


We’ll work with you to develop the look for your site and make it fully customizable for you to use. We’ll develop your color scheme and font styles, add some inspiration and give you all of the sources to build your own beautifully branded site.


Blush, gold, grey branding board. #branding

I am literally obsessed with color and branding. So obsessed. It started with my Pinterest Color Board and has been kind of out of control for some time. There’s nothing quite like pulling together a brand and helping website owners finding their online voice and style to make me feel all warm and happy inside.

Cottonwood Lane Designs. Branding, blog headers, logos, and styling help to brand your site beautifully.
Source (Snagged from my Pinterest Board!)

Branding boards are pretty much the best way to find and stick to a cohesive design when pulling your blog or website together. They help you focus in on what inspires you, the colors you love, the fonts that work together, and all sorts of styling tools to keep your brand consistent.

Nothing looks worse than slapping things together based on what you’re writing about. How do I know that? Just check back on some of my earliest posts. Or don’t, actually. I’d like to be spared the reminder of just how PicMonkey crazy I was with no idea of what I was doing five or so years ago. Also, I took, and continue to take really crappy photos. No amount of photo editing is ever going to make those better.

Just keeping it real, y’all. Like you’d expect me to.

Things have come a long, long way since then. Except the crappy photography skills. That hasn’t changed a whole lot. What has changed is my learning graphic design and some good editing tools. I get that it isn’t everyone’s idea of bliss, but I sincerely love it so much.

I hope you’ll take some time to stop by the shop today. The collection is small but expanding daily as I add new designs. Oh! And sign up for our email list to be notified when new designs are added!


In addition to our shop, we want to support other bloggers and online business babes so when you purchase from us, please let us know either in the comment section or by sending us a message when you’ve uploaded our product. We’ll add you and your website details to our Portfolio page. Nothing like a little free advertising, right?

Even more fun, we’ll be adding our Bloggers We Love series. It’s not just for our paying customers, either. We want to promote your gorgeous, sexy site. We’re looking for pretty design and great content so if you have something to share, comment below and invite us over to visit! We’ll bring the wine and we can online toast each other 🙂