Weekend Features- Inspired by You Week #10


Hey, hey! Welcome to the weekend and our regular weekend features article. Hope everyone’s had a good week.

I’ve been keeping a low profile the past two weeks since I’m trying to get furniture orders finished and out of my garage. Hopefully, I’ll be done and have some details about these last couple of projects in the next few weeks or so.  I did share my pink lamp dilemma where I asked for reader ideas on whether or not to paint these babies. The brass bottom is going but I’m still undecided about the rest of it.


Let me know what you think about the merits of painting these sixties charmers.

And now it’s on to our weekend features. I love looking through everyone’s posts and seeing what incredible things that people get up to. This is totally my favorite article every week and the research is so much fun. 😉



I need to start off with this great tip since I’m an avid spray painter. Courtenay at Creek Line House shared the best tip for getting spray paint off of your hands! Who knew?


The Creek Line House


Debra from Housewife Eclectic shared her recipe for Honey Sesame Chicken. Yum!


Housewife Eclectic


Kevin from Kevin’s Cooking whipped up Chocolate Creme Brulee. I could die. I’m currently stalking this guy on Facebook for the food porn.


Kevin’s Co

Kevin's Cooking
Kevin’s Cooking


And then there’s the PB&J Bread that made me forget about banana bread for awhile from Amee at Real Advice gal.


Real Advice Gal
Real Advice Gal

Marty from Marty’s Musings shared a yummy punch recipe that could work for adults or children!


Marty’s Musings


Lemonade? Yes. Watermelons and lemonade? Double yes. Jennifer at Jennifer Meyering shared a great recipe for Watermelon Lemonade.


Jennifer Meyering


I’m still hung up on all things peach so I had to include this great recipe for Peach Milkshakes from Erin at DelightfulEMade.




Colleen at Lemon Thistle shared really cute party decor made from washi tape! Brilliant!


Lemon Thistle


Check out this beautiful dresser makeover from Cat at Pocket Full of Posies. Actually there are two and they’re divine!


Pocket Full of Posies
      Pocket Full of Posies



And Virginia at Fynes Designs shared a beautiful master bedroom reveal full of DIY inspiration.


Fynes Designs


As always, show these folks some love and visit and pin from the original post! Have a great week folks!

Crazy for Coral

Maybe it’s my fondness for the beach or all things vintage Florida, but I’ve always loved coral. Mostly the color but I also heart the stuff that grows in the ocean.  Today I’ve pulled together a few of my favorite drool-worthy projects that I’ve pinned over the past few years or so to share with all of you.


My fixation began when I saw this dresser makeover. I’ve also become a bit obsessed with gold dots which I’ve had trouble reigning in… lol.


A Place For Us


I also fell hard for this coral dresser makeover.


Turned to Design


Ok, and this one, too


Brittany Makes


And just one more. Seriously. Can’t stop.


Eva Marie Photography


I’m not counting this one since it’s ombre and all….so pretty!




How about a bright coffee table?


House on the Way


Love the pop of pretty this night stand brings to this guest room.


Two Twenty One


I found these pillow covers on Etsy.




This coral lampshade is also from Etsy.




Just want a little pop of color? Check out this bright bookcase.


DIY on the Cheap


How about an entire feature wall? I thought this was a fireplace at first. It’s a storage cubby. Even better!


Source (Not in English)


So glam with the soft coral accents!


Carla Aston


How striking is this coral door against the navy siding?


The Estate of Things


I got into the swing of things when I painted a chair and added a navy and white cushion in my bedroom.


I also spray painted a chandelier in my new coral crush…Love waking up to this view.


Mint (and Gold) Spray Painted Mirrors


I have had a teensy bit of a crush on mint for the last few months. The color, not the flavor. No mojitos for this gal. Yuk.

Better Homes and Gardens

To be fair, I wasn’t really convinced I could use it in my own house until recently.  Mint bathrooms and mint everything were everywhere when I was growing up and I haven’t fully recovered from the eighties. Long story short, I knew this was a color I only wanted as an accent. For now. Sometimes I’m slow to warm up. So, I kept my eye out for something minty to use in my ever-evolving master bedroom.

Then, one afternoon, while the boys were napping, I took some time to poke through my collection of frames and thrift store finds in the basement. My intentions were good, really. I was planning to “de-clutter”. That never happened. Because I came across a round, plastic mirror. This is not the mirror. Mine was uglier. There’s a good reason why I’m using this picture instead of my original mirror…..Keep reading.




I dutifully taped off my ugly plastic mirror and sprayed it with primer and went about my business the rest of the day. The next day I was about to take pictures when the toddlers dropped a heavy plastic car on the mirror while it sat on the garage floor, waiting to be painted and it shattered. True story. I cleaned up the broken mirror and threw it away. I didn’t even yell. Sometimes I surprise myself.

The hunt for a replacement began. I stalked Kijiji and the thrift stores for weeks. I admired my collection of various mint and aqua paints in anticipation of my thrifty find. There was no thrifty find, I’ll have you know, so when I found a round mirror at Homesense for $24.99, I figured enough was enough. Sold. I was tired of looking and my feet hurt that day. As per my standard MO, I have no before pic. Here she is all taped and primed and beautifully blurry.


Let the fun begin.

Now that I had the mirror, I couldn’t find a mint that worked. I originally thought Sea Glass by Martha Stewart would be perfect but it was too aqua. Prior to this moment, I had no idea there was such a thing as too aqua.

Now you might wonder why I have so many different aqua paints (ummmm, like probably 18 shades or so?) but that’s a story for another day. It involves a big reveal of the project I was working on all last summer so stay tuned.


Finally, I mixed the Sea Glass with darker green to get the mint shade I was looking for.

The perfect custom tint!

Excuse the crappy pictures. It was too cold to open the garage door that day (Winter in Canada, ugh!!) and I was using my i-phone.

I did up the sunburst mirror that was lounging the basement for the past year while I was at it since I had the primer and tape out already. I also bought that one at Homesense for $7 because it had a crack in the plastic which was so tiny that I figured I didn’t care. Once the primer was on, you couldn’t even see the crack any longer. No repair required.This one got a few coats of gold and then a spray of gold glitter. Still loving all things gold.



One coat of mint paint later….



Finished product….




I love how the coral chandelier contrasts so beautifully.



So much minty goodness in one little pop of color. 🙂



New House Tour

I can’t believe we’ve been living in the new house for eight months and I haven’t shared the details!  Talk about a total brain malfunction on my part.  For those of you that are new here, we moved at the end of June last year from a tiny 2+1 bedroom (yup, I slept in the basement!) to an open concept 3 bedroom (with all the bedrooms on the second floor!).  So without further ado, here are the deets and house tour. I didn’t stage anything (obviously!) but have just collected these snaps over the past eight months….Please excuse the clutter but we definitely live here and I didn’t stage a thing.


When you come in the front door, there’s an open entry leading to the main floor.  The garage door is on the right and next to it is the hall closet.  I tried to leave through that closet door for the first few weeks.



To the left of the entry is a small powder room and further on is the door to the unfinished basement.


Here’s a couple of shots of the powder room.  Love the fixtures, hate the color.  We’re changing that for sure!



It looks gray but it’s really poop brown.


Looking down the hall towards the front door.  Disregard my fancy gate….I never did get around to installing it and I just slide it through whenever the boys are up and roaming.



Another shot looking towards the front door.  The house is all beige/gold.  I don’t love that part.



From the hall you come right into the living and dining area with the kitchen to the right.





That big lovely pantry door has since been painted.  Still struggling with my color choice.



Another view of the living area.  We literally moved in two days earlier in this pic….no pics on the walls or anything yet.


Looking back towards the front door from the living area.




The stairway to the second level.





First thing I did, even before we fully moved in was install the baby gate.  So far they haven’t figured out how to get around it.



We only have one bathroom on the second level..  It is kind of weirdly laid out and covered in brown (ugh!) tiles. Have I mentioned how much I dislike brown?




Can you spot the Bubble Guppies?



The master bedroom has a walk in closet! Huge improvement from my last basement bedroom that didn’t really have a closet.





I love this window but I’m going to have to figure out some kind of treatment for the top.  It’s really bright in the morning and the sun blasts in all afternoon.  Pretty but not practical.  The sun is going to fade the bedding in no time.



The Bubs’ room…Still loving the color on the walls…. Benjamin Moore’s Seahaze.





And Liam’s room….I haven’t painted or made any changes since he’ll be heading into a bed some time this year. Honestly, I can’t believe I’m even writing that!  But once he makes the transition, we’ll be re-doing his room so that he can have a big boy room to grow with him.






We also have a fully fenced and completely un-landscaped yard and a garage stuffed full of my junky furniture finds. The basement is unfinished and is holding all my paints and craft room supplies from the last house along with the laundry area.

There we go….eight months later and we’re still loving the place.  Stay tuned for some exciting updates in the next few weeks.


Bedding Dilemma

Let it be known that I am the most indecisive person I know.  Sometimes I just drive myself nuts trying to make decisions.  And choosing new bedding for my bedroom is no diffierent.  Which is why I’m asking for y’alls opinion.

It’s not news that I’ve been struggling with my master bedroom for almost a year.  It started when I had to move to the basement bedroom last fall.  Now that we’re in a new house, I’m still whining and wringing my hands.  Because I’m just plain tired of my bedding.  (I know, I know….first world problem for sure).

I got this black and white set from the teen section at Target over five years ago which is eons for me since my taste changes so often.  Love the cute black, white and pink print but it’s been done to death.

Once I see something at Walmart, I know it’s time to move on.  No offence to Walmart or anything.  Also, it’s looking pretty grungy around the edges.

When we moved in the master bedroom was poop brown.  I kid you not.  This is the same color that’s in the main floor bathroom. I don’t like it much better down there but that’s for another day.

So handyman Tom got to work painting the room in my favorite Benjamin Moore Snowfall White. Seriously, y’all.  This is my third bedroom to get this white on the walls.  It’s just so warm and clean looking at the same time.  Who goes crazy for white walls in a bedroom?  This gal.

Anyways….I’ve been hunting for bedding for awhile when this Kate Spade bedding caught my eye at Bed Bath and Beyond. But with a $199 price tag that’s pretty much all it caught.

I’ve searched everywhere for something similar but I eventually gave up on finding anything in navy and white.

Then I came across a yellow and grey set by Cynthia Rowley at HomeSense for $79.99. Yes!  Grabbed it and made off like a mad woman, thrilled that I’ve finally made a decision.  Ignore the black shades and drapes, k?  They’re on their way out.

Except I didn’t love it when I put it on the bed.  Boo.  It’s just a bit too short on the sides and it doesn’t look terribly durable.  I have a 2 year old who loves to flop around on my bed.  Durability is a big deal right now. Double boo.

More fretting, more stalking of the Kate Spade until I gave in to impulse and bought it while I was in the store getting a wreath hanger.  That’s right.  Went in for a $5 hanger and spent $200 plus tax on the bedding.

Aaaaaannnnnd…..I’m not loving it either!  Or maybe I like both of them?

I’ve dressed and re-dressed the bed with both sets and I still don’t know what I’m doing.  I’m now leaning towards the yellow but it’s definitely not going to last for years and years.  The ruffles are pretty flimsy as is the fabric.

Which is totally reflected in the price, right?  But soooo cute.

The Kate Spade will probably last forever and is loads more practical (and won’t show stains like the yogurt tube that Charming shot all over the bed a couple of days ago.)  But it requires purchasing extra throw pillows and the shams are huge.  So more pillow buying to find ones that fill them out better.  Expensive!

So I decided to post pics of both and get your thoughts.  If we go with the navy, I’m doing coral accents (so in love with coral!).  The yellow and gray will get some aqua accents.

Now I’m turning it over to you guys and looking for your feedback.  Let me know what y’all think and what’s important to you.  Durability? Price? Cuteness?  I’ll be checking in and in a couple of weeks, I’ll let you know what the final decision was.

Linking to these great parties to get your feedback.