Choosing Grey Paint

We’ve been living in our new house for nine months now and the house was professionally painted before we moved in. So I swore I would learn to like warm colors and wouldn’t re-paint. Because that’s just dumb, right? I mean, I did re-do the master bedroom because brown was not ok. And I did the Bubs room so his bedding would match. But seriously, the last thing I need to be doing is painting over something that just doesn’t need it.

So anyway….I’m painting. Because I’ve tried to live with the warm wheat color in here but I can’t do it. Every time I sit down (which is most of the time when I’m home…I’m just tired, y’all), I’m fixated on how much I hate the wall color. Which is kind of a big deal since it covers both floors top to bottom. Including the two storey living room and landing. But seriously, I hate it.

If it looked this cool in real life, I’d probably leave it alone.


But in reality, it’s more like this….


Photo source


This warm gold beige was all the rage five to ten years ago but, in my humble opinion it just makes everything look so dated.  Particularly since all my furniture and accessories are in soft blues and grays. Now don’t send me hate mail if you’re loving the wheat thing.  Everyone should have what they love regardless of trends. But I’ve never felt the love of this color tone at any level.

So last weekend, after spending most of it on the couch gazing at the walls, I finally caved and picked up a bunch of sample pots from Home Depot. In Benjamin Moore colors, of course. I’ll eventually buy the paint from BM but the HD samples are half the cost, y’all.

These are the colors that I loved from the paint chips.



Oh, man, I love gray!  Actually Revere Pewter didn’t make the first cut but more about that in a minute.

Wow! Gray is a fickle color and it never looks the same on the wall in your own home as it does anywhere else. Take a look at how the samples look on the wall in full daylight and you’ll see what I mean. I started with Stonington Gray, Sidewalk Gray, and Cement Gray in that order.

Since I wasn’t sure about any of them, I went back for Coventry Gray.  Here they are all neatly labelled.


The Sidewalk Gray looks almost blue and while the Coventry Gray is a gorgeous true gray, (at least on my wall), it’s definitely going to be too dark for the entire house.  And to make things a bit more complicated the tiles in the kitchen and hall are a warm yellow beige.



The kitchen counters are…..yup, you guessed it….more warm beige.  Again, the colors look cooler and more neutral here than they really are.



So none of the grays were working. You can kind of see what I mean right here.



Now about this Revere Pewter issue of mine…..When I started picking colors I swore I would not pick Revere Pewter since it’s more on the beige side. And I really, really want gray. So. Very. Much. But the fact of the matter is, the first four grays I picked were fails. Which is why I went back for a tester pot of Revere Pewter.

Everyone who’s written about Revere Pewter talks about how it’s a great neutral, it goes with everything. I was seriously convinced it was going to be too beige. My other issues is that I like to change things up. I actually had Revere Pewter in my old condo (pre-baby boy days) and I wanted something new and different.

These pictures were taken at night but you can see what I mean.  I really did love this color when I was living here.   As an aside, that sofa was new then….it’s only four years old now and doesn’t remotely look like this any more.  Sigh



Since nothing I had chosen was working at this house, I went back for a sample pot of Revere Pewter and slapped it up next to the others.



I owe Revere Pewter an apology. I was wrong. So very wrong.  It’s definitely neutral but with a lovely gray undertone that isn’t too blue or too beige.  Exactly what I’m going for.  Who knew?

I think we have a winner.


Now, if I can just find the time and energy to paint two entire floors, that would be great.  Oh, and conquer my fear of heights.  I have no idea how to paint the two storey landing and the 12 foot walls in the living room.  But I guarantee it will not involve me on any sort of ladder or scaffolding contraption.  Painting party anyone? Tall people will be provided with free food and drink and a pony.

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New House Tour

I can’t believe we’ve been living in the new house for eight months and I haven’t shared the details!  Talk about a total brain malfunction on my part.  For those of you that are new here, we moved at the end of June last year from a tiny 2+1 bedroom (yup, I slept in the basement!) to an open concept 3 bedroom (with all the bedrooms on the second floor!).  So without further ado, here are the deets and house tour. I didn’t stage anything (obviously!) but have just collected these snaps over the past eight months….Please excuse the clutter but we definitely live here and I didn’t stage a thing.


When you come in the front door, there’s an open entry leading to the main floor.  The garage door is on the right and next to it is the hall closet.  I tried to leave through that closet door for the first few weeks.



To the left of the entry is a small powder room and further on is the door to the unfinished basement.


Here’s a couple of shots of the powder room.  Love the fixtures, hate the color.  We’re changing that for sure!



It looks gray but it’s really poop brown.


Looking down the hall towards the front door.  Disregard my fancy gate….I never did get around to installing it and I just slide it through whenever the boys are up and roaming.



Another shot looking towards the front door.  The house is all beige/gold.  I don’t love that part.



From the hall you come right into the living and dining area with the kitchen to the right.





That big lovely pantry door has since been painted.  Still struggling with my color choice.



Another view of the living area.  We literally moved in two days earlier in this pic….no pics on the walls or anything yet.


Looking back towards the front door from the living area.




The stairway to the second level.





First thing I did, even before we fully moved in was install the baby gate.  So far they haven’t figured out how to get around it.



We only have one bathroom on the second level..  It is kind of weirdly laid out and covered in brown (ugh!) tiles. Have I mentioned how much I dislike brown?




Can you spot the Bubble Guppies?



The master bedroom has a walk in closet! Huge improvement from my last basement bedroom that didn’t really have a closet.





I love this window but I’m going to have to figure out some kind of treatment for the top.  It’s really bright in the morning and the sun blasts in all afternoon.  Pretty but not practical.  The sun is going to fade the bedding in no time.



The Bubs’ room…Still loving the color on the walls…. Benjamin Moore’s Seahaze.





And Liam’s room….I haven’t painted or made any changes since he’ll be heading into a bed some time this year. Honestly, I can’t believe I’m even writing that!  But once he makes the transition, we’ll be re-doing his room so that he can have a big boy room to grow with him.






We also have a fully fenced and completely un-landscaped yard and a garage stuffed full of my junky furniture finds. The basement is unfinished and is holding all my paints and craft room supplies from the last house along with the laundry area.

There we go….eight months later and we’re still loving the place.  Stay tuned for some exciting updates in the next few weeks.


Super Easy DIY Faux Roman Shades

Before I start telling y’all about this project, I should share how much I hate sewing.  HATE IT!  A few years ago I acknowledged defeat and gave my machine away vowing never to sew again.  Well, I caved and bought a cheap-o sewing machine from Walmart over the labor day weekend.  As usual, it was all about being thrifty.  I’d been prowling local stores Etsy looking for new throw pillows and I can’t bring myself to cough up $40 and up for a pillow.  So (sew?) here I go again with the darn sewing machine.  And here’s the latest project at Cottonwood Drive…….

We moved to our new house at the end of June and the new dining room and landing windows have been bare since then.

Not a big deal since they let in some nice light and that side of the house is pretty private but I’ve been obsessing over adding some kind of window treatment to cute them up. I had a ton of extra fabric I from re-covering my dining room chairs.  (Read all about that adventure here).  I didn’t really know how to calculate yardage so I bought way too much and it’s just been sitting in the basement since then.  I also bought an iron along with my sewing machine since I thought I lost them in the move.  Found the irons the day after I bought the new one.  I now have three irons.  Yay, me and my fabulous organization skills.

I had very little idea of what I was doing and my sewing skills are pretty basic so I thought I would just measure the windows on the inside of the frames and sew a basic square the size of the windows.  And that’s exactly what I did.

I measured 21×21 inches and ironed down the sides where I would sew the seams.  After a few miscalculations….(ummm, I may have forgotten to calculate extra measuring to accommodate the curtain rod!), I had three small squares for the dining room windows and a big one for the landing.  I sewed the hems in a (mostly) straight line on all four sides and they were ready. Easier than I thought.  If you really hate sewing as much as I do and don’t want to attempt it, iron in hemming tape would have worked just fine, too.
I used tension rods that I already had on hand.  I was planning to use them to store ribbons in my craft room at one point but I don’t’ have a craft room any longer.  Really.  They were just sitting there begging for my attention.

Pushed the rods through the fabric and mounted them on the insides of the windows.

Cute, right?
Except they bugged me a little bit.  Until I dug out a few more rods and mounted them as well and draped the fabric over them.

Perfect!  Little faux Roman shade window treatments.  Since they don’t need to close for privacy, I figured this was the perfect solution.  I used two rods for draping the large window and one for the little ones. 
Love!  Cuteness factor went way up.