Playroom Necessities – Top 10 Must Haves

Playrooms are a both a luxury and a necessity in my humble opinion. We didn’t have one when I raised my girls. We (I) worked hard at keeping toys in bedrooms and fought an unending battle against kid clutter. And then they grew up and I had a nice, tidy home. For about 5 minutes. Having a second set of kids to raise has meant having toys and kid stuff all over the house. Again. Love them. Hate the mess.

I’m seriously fed up with the amount of toys that I’m constantly stepping on so we’re building a playroom. Like this week. The boys are relatively good sleepers so I moved them in together over the weekend. And then I sat myself down with a notebook in our future playroom to figure out what our must haves would be. Who loves a top 10 list? We do!!


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 1. Toy Storage

Playrooms should have easy access storage for little hands including open shelving to hold bins and boxes as well as closed storage to tuck away smaller pieces. We’re looking at a couple of bookshelves to hold our bins and and either a shelf with cupboards or a dresser to hold smaller pieces and miscellaneous toys. As much as I love the look of nothing but open shelving, we’re just too messy to have that work out for us.

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 || white shelves || white baskets || yellow chair

Playroom ideas || playroom organization || toy storage || organizing toys || playroom storage ideas
Photo source || white storage cabinets || navy baskets || orange baskets

I doubt we’ll be investing in anything so elaborate since we’re moving in the new year so I’m also considering using a dresser to hold smaller items. We’ve used the bottom 4 drawers in our living room media center for toy storage up until now and it’s worked fairly well.


2. A Reading Area

Playrooms aren’t just for playing and a reading nook is a must for us. You know. Because of quiet time and education and good things like that.

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white shelves || READ letters (lots of styles) || chair || bench organizer || striped drapes  

3. Arts and Crafts Area

All of our arts and crafts are supervised and most of the supplies are kept out of the boys reach right now. FASD and all that good stuff makes them pretty impulsive with short attention spans. I like the idea of a craft corner that could evolve into a homework center as children grow older like this gorgeous space from Tinkerlab.

table || green chairs || lamp || doll house || 

4. An “Art Gallery”

I’ve got loads of art that the boys have made at daycare and the fridge could be covered with their gems in no time. I love the idea of having a spot for kids to show off their masterpieces right in the playroom.
Playroom ideas || organize kids art || playroom organizing ideas || art center ideas
“look what i made” art holder
Art display ideas for kids || playroom organization || art center for kids || playroom ideas
wall decal

5. Make Believe Props

Kids love to dress up and play grown up. Including some play clothes and props is always a great idea along with play stations like work benches and kitchens.




Play kitchens aren’t just for little girls. Boys benefit from the message that cooking and cleaning up isn’t just for the ladies. You’re welcome future daughter-in-laws.

 6. Forts/Tents or Any Other Hideaway

Teepees, tents, forts, clubhouses, playhouses and castles. Kids love a place to hide out. Sew it, glue it, or buy one already made. (We bought this one!) The boys love it but the dog loves it even more. It gives her a way to hide from the kids while being close to them. #stubbornLhasatricks

7. Comfy Seating

 Regular sized furniture is are great if you have the room but kids don’t mind piling on the floor either. I like the idea of bean bags and poufs in smaller spaces.




Benches, like this one from Home My Design, are another great option that add storage to the space.


benches || baskets || dotted throw pillows || striped throw pillows || table and chair set

8. Open Floor Space For Playing

Kids need room to spread out and use their imaginations. I love watching the boys line up their toys and then act out their visions. And if you’ve got a cute area rug to spark the imagination…even better. We added this one a few months ago. The boys love jumping over the “river”.

In The Little Yellow House

We added a city road map rug next to it so the boys can go from country to city.Playroom must haves- Cool area rugs

9. Color

Having a playroom is a great opportunity to let loose with whimsy and color. You might not want a polka dotted ceiling in your kitchen but you can go wild in the kids’ space.


Simply Sadie Jane





10. Television/Media Center

I’m not sure everyone is going to agree on this idea and if you choose to keep media out of the playroom that’s great. But I’m a little tired of Minions and Shrek marathons in the living room. Every. Single. Day. I’m moving the small tv/dvd player from our trailer and it will be going in to the playroom asap. I can still set the screen time and control what they watch but I might actually get to watch something I like every now and again.
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Got any playroom organizing tips to share?

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