15 Kid Friendly No-Carve Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween is fun but sometimes it’s a bit scary for younger children. The boys have big imaginations and Aiden, particularly, gets the scaries easily. Which is why our Halloween projects tend to be friendly, cute, or glam if I have it my way. I sat down with my little fellows this week to get ideas for our Halloween decorating and we had a great time looking at some kid friendly pumpkins. Today we’re sharing our 15 favorite ideas with all of you.


15 Kid Friendly No Carve Halloween Pumpkins For Little Kids


We’re really into the Frog and The Princess right now which means the boys loved this little frog pumpkin.

Kid friendly halloween pumpkins- Frog

Ready for action…ninja turtle pumpkin.

Kid Friendly No Carve Ninja Turtle Halloween Pumpkin


The boys had no idea who Mr. Potato Head is but he’s too cute to pass up.

Kid friendly no carve Mr. Potato Head pumpkin


This cute little Frankenstein monster didn’t scare Aiden at all.

Kid Friendly Halloween Pumpkins- Cute Frankenstein


Cookie Monster pumpkins wouldn’t be very safe around here. Nom, nom, nom! He’s our only carving pumpkin choice. And minimal carving at that.

Kid Friendly Halloween Pumpkins- Cookie Monster


We liked this cute little Elmo pumpkin!

Kid Friendly Halloween Pumpkins- Elmo


The whole class of Abby’s Flying Fairy School is all ready for the front porch.

Fun and Kid Friendly Halloween Pumpkins- Abby's Flying Fairy School


You’ve got to love some super hero pumpkins! Liam wants to be Batman for Halloween.

Kid Friendly Not Scary Halloween Pumpkins- Super heroes


Some more super heroes!

Kid Friendly Halloween Pumpkins- Super heroes


Oh, hey, Nemo! Glad we found you.

Kid Friendly Halloween Pumpkin- Nemo


How cute is this little Cinderella coach pumpkin?

Kid Friendly Halloween Pumpkins- Cinderella's Pumpkin Coach


We heart this Olaf Pumpkin Topiary! This guy could stay out on the porch until spring.

Kid Friendly Halloween Pumpkins- Olaf


Liam loves all things Shrek! This was his favorite!

Kid Friendly Halloween Pumpkins- Shrek


Mike and Sully are always a good combination.

Little Kid Friendly Halloween Pumpkins- Monsters Inc


Minion Pumpkins! Seriously? So cute!

Kid Friendly Minion Pumpkins

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We’re busting out the paints this week to make our own pumpkins. Have you started your Halloween decorating yet?


Neutral Fall Decorating

I don’t know about the rest of y’all but we had a pretty short summer and I’ve been avoiding fall like crazy. Right down to wearing my flip-flops in 50 degree weather. I know lots of you love this time of year but I’m not a huge fan. Summer is my favorite season, hands down.

In fact, I struggle with all the fall stuff, in part, because I don’t even like fall colors.  Orange? Ick. Brown? Allergic. Red? Ummm, no thanks. As a result, I’m a little challenged with fall decorating. But since it seems that autumn isn’t going anywhere, let the fall decorating begin. I guess. Sigh….

I swapped out my favorite summer wreath for this little cutie that I picked up a few years ago. Can’t remember where for the life of me…lol.



I found this lovely banner printable at Tomkat Studios.  How gorgeous is this set up? I pretty much love every single thing this gal does.


Tomkat Studios


I printed it off and hung it with some brown ribbon from my overflowing ribbon bin(s).


As you can see…the letters are supposed to be brown but my printer turned them this interesting shade of salmon. If anyone knows why it’s doing that and how to fix it, let me know. I’m stumped. Still looks pretty cute in the dining area, though.

On the dining table, I’ve pulled out my burlap Halloween runner and added some neutral accents and pine cones that I’ve had forever. I picked up that velvet pumpkin from Michael’s clearance bin this week for 60% off, along with a lot of other neutral fall items that fit my need to avoid orange and red. Gotta love waiting til the last minute to greet the new season and get some good deals. Seriously, that velvet makes the pumpkin almost sexy looking. If a pumpkin can be sexy and all.

More of the neutral colored pumpkins that I’ve had these for years and used year after year. I’ve just added them here and there throughout the house to update for the season.



I usually change out this frame to have a seasonal printable but I just can’t yet….this was from our last visit to Panama City Beach in Florida…my favorite place in the whole world.  Nope. Not yet.



Excuse the TV cables. I finally figured out what to do with them but that was after these photos had been taken.

The bar area also got some seasonal updates as well. I swapped out the summer plates and straws for some more pumpkins and this owl that I spray painted a few years ago for Aiden’s room. I found it in a box in his closet when I was cleaning out the summer clothes last week. (Talk about shopping the house!)


And then I swapped the water bottles for the Halloween books….



I found this adorable printable on Bonfires and Wine and printed it off. Again, my printer messed up the colors going from the original brown to a sort of purple color but I kind of like how it turned out.



“Gobble Til You Wobble” is pretty fitting since that’s definitely my motto on Thanksgiving. And at Christmas. And at lunch…well, you get the idea. I just like food. A lot. Don’t judge. I was going to frame it but I kind of liked the way it looked on my clipboard so I left it there.

I dumped the lemons from the vase on the kitchen island and added some shredded paper and another of those gorgeous velvet neutral colored pumpkins. Seriously…where have these been all my life?



Another swapping of seasonal decor on the little shelf in the corner of the living room….





And there we have it. If I have to acknowledge fall, I’m going to do it in the most neutral and minimalist way possible. Now bring back summer.



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DIY Painted Pumpkins


Gosh, I love Halloween!  I don’t love the scary, gory stuff but I do think nothing says Halloween like some pumpkins on the porch.  I don’t however, like carving pumpkins.  Nor do I like rotting pumpkins.  Which they do pretty quickly once they’ve been sitting out.  Last year one of my painted pumpkins rotted at least a week before Halloween.  Stinky! So at the end of the season last year, I picked up some of the half priced fake ones from Michaels (still ridiculous expensive even at half price!) and have been waiting to get my hands on them ever since.

Today, the boys were at daycare and I was still on vacation so it was time to break out the paint.  Seriously. Is there anything Annie Sloan Chalk Paint doesn’t work on?  Now, I wasn’t really planning to use the ASCP but I made a few boo boos and needed to cover them up.  These things were too darn expensive to replace.

I started with the orange one, intending to use a Sharpie to make a framed monogram on the front.  Since I can’t draw worth a lick, I started by tracing the label from last year’s decoration for the frame part.




So far, so good.  Then I drew in the monogram.  Yes, about that.  Forgot to center it.  Ugh.



That’s where the ASCP came in handy.  One coat covered that mistake up nicely.



Just to be cute, I added some dots.  Because I can do dots no problem.

This time, I cut the monogram out of the rest of the alphabet stencil and very carefully centered the damn thing. Traced and colored it in with the Sharpie and pumpkin number one was finished.



Pumpkin number two was also a bit of a fail but I decided I didn’t care that much.  I wanted a “Boo, y’all” pumpkin because I have one every year.  It’s my toast to the South, while living up North.

Again, can’t draw letters, can’t hardly draw a straight line, so I traced some scrap book letters onto the pumpkin and used the ASCP to paint inside the lines. Sort of.  Did I mention I can’t draw a straight line? That’s right.  The boo is a little tipsy.  Too darn bad, I’m keeping it.



This final pumpkin went off without a hitch.  I just used some glittery black paint in a tube and free handed a little dotted design all along the pumpkin.



I told you I could do dots!  I think this might be my favorite!



And there they all are on the front porch.




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Slow Cooker Pumpkin Butter

Easy to make slow cooker pumpkin butter


I really should have posted this recipe earlier but I held back for several reasons…..1. I’m giving some of this to a friend that reads my blog via email.  My only hope is that she is behind on her emails and doesn’t get to this until after Christmas.  2.  I haven’t made it in over 20 years and wanted to be sure it is as good as I remembered before sending the recipe out to blog land.   3.  And, the real reason?  I had lost the recipe, and forgotten all about pumpkin butter until I found my old recipe box last week.

This recipe is super easy and because it cooks in the slow cooker, you can throw it together and forget about it until you’re ready to package it later in the day.  It takes about 4 hours or so on low and it’s ready to go.  Delicious and makes a wonderful homemade Christmas gift.





1 29 ounce can of pumpkin puree
3/4 cups of apple juice or cider
1 1/2 cups of white sugar
2-3 teaspoons of pumpkin pie spice

Easy to make slow cooker pumpkin butter


Add all ingredients to slow cooker.  Stir.  Cook on low for 4-6 hours.
Pour into sterilized jars and label.
Store in fridge for several weeks.

Makes exactly 4 little half pint jars.

pumpkin butter 3

This is so yummy on toast!  I used to make this when my oldest daughter was just a little squirt.  She had (and still has) a peanut allergy and used to love  having this at breakfast or as a late night snack.  I’m saving one jar for our Christmas brunch this year and I’m curious to see if she remembers this treat.


I’m linking this pumpkin butter up to these great parties.

Spooky Halloween Foyer

I’ve had the fall decorations up in the fall for a few weeks now (since I took the room back from Bubba) and wanted to switch things up to get ready for the neighborhood Trick or Treaters.  I don’t usually do that much for Halloween but with little ones at home again, I’ve decided to start amping things up. 

You probably remember the before….

I left the mirror up but switched out the art in the gold frame for something easy and homemade from scrapbook paper, chipboard letters, and a doilie…The wine bottle is covered with a Martha Stewart adhesive label that was 60% off at Michael’s.  The frame is a thrift store find.  I spray painted the branches from my Japanese Maple out front to make them more spooky looking.

After adding a scrap of lace, some more Michael’s sale finds, and dollar store goodies…..this was the end result….

I think the entire “project” cost under $25!  Love that! And the foyer looks so darn cute!

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