Updates, Changes, and the Link Party

Hello, my lovelies. How is everyone doing as Christmas season heats up? I’m planning to spend the weekend with my littles making Christmas ornaments for their tree. (Actually, they’ll be crafting and I’ll be drinking wine and supervising.) Yup, we have two trees. Because of my OCD ornament hanging issues and all. The sexy tall white tree is all mine and they can hang pretty much anything they want on theirs. They are thrilled.


If you’re hear looking for the link party, I’ll explain about that in a minute. Otherwise, bear with me. It’s been a long couple of months.

For those of you that are new here or don’t know our story, I’m the foster/grandmother to two wonderful little boys with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder (FASD). My guys are 4 and 5 and while they are a delight and I love everything about being their “forever mom”, there’s often a lot going on behind the scenes.


I’ve been teaching four college courses…which I totally love but it’s been far more time consuming than I would have believed. Duh, right? I’ve also taken on some part time working doing clinical investigations for the Office of the Children’s Lawyer. Love. But still….kind of time consuming sometimes. And the boys have regular medical, OT, speech therapy, physiotherapy, and all that good stuff.



Along with all of that, I’ve been in battle, once again, with the child welfare agency who is the technical guardian of the children. This time it was over school and it has burned me out. We won the battle to allow the boys to stay in daycare until they’re actually ready and to ensure the agency continues to fund daycare for working foster parents, but, truly…..I’m wiped out. Like, lay on the floor with a cloth over my eyes exhausted. Which I’ve tried but the boys keep jumping on me lol. #humantrampoline



And, finally, I’ve been struggling with insomnia off and on for the past couple of years but it’s been awful since the end of August. As in, I haven’t slept through the night since then and I’m really, really tired. Mostly I just flop around like a beached walrus looking for the magic sleep position. I haven’t found it yet.


Which lead me to having to take a look at what I’m able to manage around here. I love this blog and I’m not quitting. But I’m taking a few steps back and in order to figure out where we go from here. Things have become a little unmanageable lately. This year, I’m not doing a ton of DIY Christmas projects and you’ve probably noticed that. I don’t trust myself with a glue gun on this little sleep. I will continue to post and share as I can this season and on an ongoing basis but I’m taking a little break from the link party until after Christmas when I know what I can reasonably manage with my winter courses and work load.

If you’re looking to link up, please visit my lovely co-hosts who have been very supportive over this much needed break. They will continue to party and I’ll continue to tweet, pin, and share your links from their sites.

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Have a great weekend, everyone. If anyone needs me, I’ll be over here not sleeping… 😉