Glamping Update – $8 Trailer DIY Dinette Cushion Covers


Our trailer cushions were ugly. First world problem, I know. But no one should have to camp ugly. I mean in an ugly trailer…you can look however you want. I don’t judge. But I do think if you’re going to drag your family into the woods, you can at least do it in style, right?

When I bought the trailer they fit right in with the brown, brown, and more brown that was, quite simply, EVERYWHERE. Once the trailer cabinets and walls were repainted in white and a light aqua, the cushions stuck out like the fashion don’t they were.

So when I spotted Target having a 50% off sale on children’s bedding I grabbed some pink sheets as a temporary solution. I figured while I waited for inspiration to strike, I could just wrap cushions in the sheets. That actually worked fairly well since I could unwrap them and take them home for washing when they got dirty. Which was pretty much every weekend. Thanks, boys.



We closed the trailer mid-October and I took the bench cushions home, planning to have them recovered by the time we re-opened at the end of April. I plopped them in the basement and basically ignored them until I got the letter about our park fees for the year and started to pack the truck with trailer goodies.

And then I remembered I hadn’t done a damn thing about them for the last six months.

I figured I was going to have to bite the bullet, purchase some heavy duck cloth or vinyl type fabric and pay to have them recovered. But I also remembered I was supposed to be using what I have. Because I have this new lifestyle that involves being poor. #quitmydayjobwithoutabackupplan

Ok. I didn’t actually have these cheap vinyl table cloths on hand but I did find them at Walmart when we were picking up supplies for our first run up to the trailer. What? $2 for vinyl table cloths? I bought the last four on the shelf.


When I got home, I took a look at the table cloths and the cushions. The table cloths were pretty thin and the brown and blue pattern on the cushions is pretty bright. Which means that the ugly blue and brown print would show through if I tried to use the vinyl without trying to cover the old pattern.

Double ugh. Ok. Use what you have…..Well, I do have a surplus of paint and I have actually painted a fabric chair in the past. Excellent.

I grabbed an unused can of Melamine paint (don’t get hung up on what kind….it’s just what I had on hand) and started rolling it on to the cushions.

As I expected the fabric absorbed some of the paint but not as much as I thought it would.

Once the cushions were dry, I began wrapping the vinyl tablecloths around them. I hadn’t really figured this out all the way through. I initially thought I’d use velcro or safety pins to hold the vinyl down but in the end I used spray adhesive. I used painter’s tape to hold the vinyl in place while the adhesive dried.

I basically wrapped the cushions like a present.



Woot! Woot! It worked. The paint kept the originally pattern from showing through and the vinyl is easy to care for. It’s meant to be wiped down which is perfect for our family…..Our very sloppy family.


Love how fresh the dinette looks now.

Except for that ridiculous that brown velvet trim. I have no idea why the dinette is trimmed in brown velvet. Possibly to match the ridiculous brown velvet pull out sofa. So. Much. Brown. I have no idea how to cover this trim. Any ideas?