Super Quick Survey

Super quick post today, lovelies. I have a survey with just 8 short questions and I would  be mucho grateful if you could take 3 minutes (I swear!) and fill it out. It’s to help us focus on your needs and what you’d like to see more of on this site.

Everyone who take the survey is automatically entered into a giveaway at our shop launch and will receive one free header with logo for their very own website. Or stationary. Or business cards. Or bathroom wallpaper. We don’t judge! Do whatever you’d like with it and make it yours!!

Once you’ve completed the survey, just add a quick comment on our page here for a chance to win. Nothing complicated if you’re busy. A simple “done” will do. We’re easy like that. And if you don’t mind sharing on social media to get the word out, we’d be even more grateful.